Things I Learned From My Behind

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Did you know that women’s brains operate like an Etch-A-Sketch? One line connects to the next. Cognition intertwines and where one thought ends another begins. This gender-related fact is the only explanation I have for why my brain went were it did when given the following word prompt for today’s blog:

“When my but gets in the way…”

I immediately I thought of:

“When my butt gets in the way.”

Great. I’m sure that was the kind of thinking the word prompt was intended to promote.

Unfortunately, my Etch-A-Sketch brain didn’t stop there. I began to contemplate my passion for Doing Ahead as opposed to being behind. My thought bubble immediately shifted to:

“When my behind gets in the way” or “Things I learned from my behind.”

Wow. Just wow.

Apparently it’s time for the kids to be done with school so that this Mom can take a chill pill and downshift her rapid fire of random thoughts. In all seriousness, my “behinds” have all too often gotten the best of me. Blame it on Pintrest or an uber organized best friend, I’ve wasted more time than I care to admit mired in guilt and defeat over not being organized enough.

Pray tell then, why would I want to promote Doing Ahead? If you nose around DoAhead Woman’s blog you might get the feeling you’ve just entered an HGTV version of Game of Thrones.

I’ve never seen the show but the commercials provide fodder for my imagination. Clothed in armor with long hair blowing in the breeze I hurl an inspirational cry to the sky, “Come with me DoAheads! May we yield our swords of organization and planning so that we may defeat the anarchy of our behinds!”

Again. Wow.

{Please stay with your “distracted by shiny objects friend”…this post is about to take a helpful turn.}

Doing Ahead is like many other useful tools. It’s a way of harnessing the wild horses in our lives so we can enjoy the ride. However, we dare not lose perspective. When God permeates our everyday tasks we can experience peace, joy and health. Asking Him for His opinion throughout the day is key.

If I don’t invite God into my day, one of two things can happen:

1. I get carried away in Doing Ahead.

My type A, get-r-done, personality starts to put projects over people. Relationships suffer when I argue with God, “But if I don’t get DoAheads 1,2 and 3 done our tribe will experience a meltdown of nuclear proportions.” This of course is not true. However, “buts” of this nature can morph into a Thelma and Louise trip right over a cliff. My DoAheads start to drive my day as opposed to God driving my day.

2. I give up on Doing Ahead.

Perfectionism can land me in a place of paralysis. I don’t start something because there is no way I’ll be able to do the job “up to par”. (Whatever that means.) I officially land in the zone of Undone as my “But I’ll never do it good enough” keeps me from even trying. These different types of “buts” form the X blockade on my road to becoming all God wants me to be. The solution?


Surrender doesn’t seem fitting for Thelma or Louise does it? I also doubt it’s an option on Game of Thrones. But since you and I aren’t on TV or in the movies I say we maneuver this into a more manageable metaphor. The first moments of surrender can feel like an ill-fitting pair of shoes. They are uncomfortable, they pinch, and they hinder movement. However, by God’s grace I’ve learned that there is another important “but”.

But God.

When we surrender it doesn’t take long until we recognize that a sovereign God has us in the palm of His hand. There is a peace that comes in knowing God has our best interests at heart and that He’s passionate about walking through daily life with us.

How about you? Do you have any “buts” that could be surrendered and morphed into a “but God”? I hope you’ll pause a minute and give that thing over to Him. If need be, do it moment by moment, day by day. You won’t be disappointed.

“Hour by hour I place my days in your hand…” Psalm 31:14

“Through the heartfelt mercies of our God, God’s sunrise will break in on us…Then showing us the way, one foot at a time down the path of peace.” Luke 1:78-79

I hope you’ll hop over to Suzie Eller’s #livefree community. You’ll meet many beautiful souls who, like you and I, are learning to deal with their butts. Ahem. I mean, “buts”.

Your (Grateful for “But God”) DoAhead Friend,


  1. love love love this Cindy!!

    yes! “When God permeates our everyday tasks we can experience peace, joy and health.”

    great wrap up “Do you have any “buts” that could be surrendered and morphed into a “but God”?”

    Blessings my #livefreeThursday neighbor!

    • So glad you stopped over Jana! What a fun group to be a part of! Hope you enjoy the weekend and experience an amazing “but God” for yourself!! 🙂

  2. Crystal Hornback says:

    I adore this, Cindy! Thank you for reminding me today to put all other frantic female thoughts and pressures aside, and just give it all to Him! #livefreeThursday

  3. So well written and such truth! I do the same thing – I plow ahead some days, forgetting God and my quiet time and mowing over people to get the things done. But God. Thank you so much for this post. Also, I love your blog!
    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  4. My mind went to the behind too, and I could not write until my laughter subsided. Well said. #livefree

  5. Oh Cindy: “Perfectionism can land me in a place of paralysis.” That very statement has led me to many “buts”!!! Surrendering with you today and declaring “But GOD!” #livefreeThursday 🙂

  6. Beautifully, thoughtfully put! With that wonderful sense of humor that you have, that I love! Thank you for the redirection my but’s need! 🙂

    • So glad you stopped by Jodie! Hope you are enjoying the three day weekend! Prayed for you as I worked in the garden…trusting He will do great things in YOUR garden!

  7. We’ll never be able to go/do ahead without surrendering our past. Good one! There are so many things to learn from our behind. 🙂

    • Love the smiley icon! It matches the expression on my face as I think about both of us learning from our behinds. So very glad you stopped over Lux!

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