Seeing With Eyes Wide Shut


Woman with Eyes Closed 1God’s cologne was strong on my walk this morning. Fresh rain had mingled with humidity. It was the perfect recipe for the scent of clean dirt.

My eyes roved the ditches and I smiled at the contrast before me. Grateful grass, greened by its drink, was splotched with patches of brown. Some of the grass had already succumbed to the scorch of summer.

It was funny, but the hazel colored grass didn’t strike me as dead. It simply looked like an auburn glaze painted by a fancy designer who probably had a name like Serge’.

I glanced up. The sky’s ceiling was exceptionally tall today. A rogue cloud skittered ahead of his companions and I wondered why he was in such a hurry. I wanted to shut my eyes and soak it all in.

Sometimes I see better with my eyes wide shut.

Of course, in my way of thinking, that’s only an option if I’m still. After all, if I had tried it during my walk, the risk of face-planting into a tree would have been high. My best bet for that kind of focus is during my early mornings on the porch.

Life’s lack of hurry during those moments fosters a stillness that enables my head and heart to breath…rest… focus. (If you read last Thursday’s DoAhead Devo “ya’ll” know what I’m talking about.)

But this week, He whispered new lessons on stillness. No doubt He wanted to stretch me. (He’s a bugger that way.)

He reminded me that I could be still while I was on the move. All I could think was, “Lord, if you’re asking me to close my eyes while I’m walking——–This. Could. Be. Bad.”

He’s so cotton-pickin’ patient though. He kept pressing words into my day about worry, anxiety, and letting go. He reminded me that thoughts captivated by Christ were capable of integrating all I see with my eyes closed into my busy, sometimes overwhelming, life.

He was determined to see stillness make its way into my eyes-wide-open day.

I’m certain he wanted me to know the peace that was mine for the taking. I’m equally convinced He wants the same for you. Will you join me in a very important DoAhead?

Dig It. {Inspiration!}

Let’s reflect on this verse and dig into its meaning.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Did you know that the verb “cast” is tied to a main verb used earlier in the text “humble yourselves”. Peter is trying to help his readers see that when they worry it is a form of pride. Ouch!

The reason? When we are filled with anxiety we are inadvertently convinced that we have to solve our problems in our own strength. “The god we trust is ourselves.” Girlfriends, when my shovel landed on this nugget I about dropped my drawers. Maybe none of you needed to hear it. I. Know. I. Did.

Own It. {Perspiration!}

Consider what it would mean to cast ALL your anxiety on Him. Think about how deeply He cares for you. Take a on chance on Him and be vulnerable, then ask Him to whisper the truth of this verse into your head and heart.

Do It. {Manifestation.}

Every day this week name one tangible way God shows you He cares. Sometimes it’s the little things we overlook. If I’m not careful, I forget his daily innumerable gifts. Things like…

  1. Breathing with ease.
  2. A godly (good looking) husband. (I’m not superficial or anything.)
  3. A mid-morning chocolate brownie. (Don’t judge.)
  4. Storms that skirt past our home.
  5. Murphy, the fuzzy Shih Tzu that graces my lap.

Sweet DoAheads it doesn’t take long to realize the remarkable provision our remarkable God makes for us each day. So this week let’s release those white knuckles. May we, in the midst of our busy, eyes-wide-open days, harness the peace we see when, in a moment of stillness——–eyes wide shut——– we recognize how deeply He loves us.

The amazing grace of the Master, Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit, be with all of you.  2 Corinthians 13:14  {Emphasis mine.}

I’ve never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love! Jeremiah 31:3

Your (Still Pullin’ Up Her Drawers) DoAhead Friend,

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