Butt Kicker

Butt Kicker 1

Earlier this summer I attended  a speakers/writers conference. Mercy sakes! The people you meet is such a treat! The fantabulous lady I’m eager to introduce you to worked in the health care field for almost 15 years as a physical therapist, certified athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist. Adrian exudes energy the minute you meet her. She is passionate about helping women pursue healthy and active lifestyles.

She introduced me to her website where she created her FIT for Service blog. Here you’ll find fitness routines, healthy recipes and overall tips for robust living. Since school is back in session (or about to be) it occurred to me that right now would be the perfect opportunity to carve out a little DoAhead Diva time. (After all, one of the hardest DoAheads is taking care of ourselves!) (Puhlease tell me I’m not alone in this.)

The link below is for an 8 minute Butt Kicker routine for (you guessed it) your butt! Let’s not waste time. In less then 10 minutes you and I could have minimized our maximus!

Adrian Jessen 2

Click here for link to Routine!

And that DoAheads is How. Its. Done!

Come back on Thursday but bring your Kleenex. If you’ve ever experienced a painful parting we’ll cry together. (I’m bringing TWO boxes.) In the meantime don’t forget…you can find encouragement today over at Kelly Balarie’s #RaRaLinkUp. And as always (of course you already know this) you can find encouragement everyday over at DoAhead Woman’s Facebook page.  XOXO

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