Attitude of Gratitude {Give-Away…Thanksgiving Decor’!}

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Thanksgiving is three and a half weeks away. ****Screech!**** Say, what? You’ve got to be kidding me. I finally came to terms with the fact that it is officially fall. In a month I’ll be forced to accept the fact that it is winter!

Make no mistake, I love it. I’ll bet you do too. Fall means cider, scented candles and crunchy leaves. Winter brings jingle bells, the sparkle of snow and cocoa. So. Grateful. The challenge is stopping long enough to relish it.  I’m hoping today’s Give-Away will help you and yours grab a moment to pause and be thankful. I thought of it when I attended a blogger’s conference.

Ever Thine Home was a sponsor. One evening the banquet tables were set with amazing napkin ties. Each tie provided a simple prompt for conversation about something/someone we are grateful for. I was so excited about them I bought a set for our family. But I want yours to have one too!

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If you are already a subscriber to DoAhead Woman you’re in luck! Your name goes in the ring. If not, it’s Simple Simon! Enter your email in the subscribers box to the left and you’ll be added! Next week I’ll post the winner and get these bad boys in the mail to you. I want you to have them in time for your Turkey dinner. Perhaps, it will be the start of a new tradition.

Speaking of which, If you’re looking for a more silly/less serious option for a family tradition check out the link Turkey Traditions. The Turkey of the Year Award has had a long run in our tribe. It’s perfect for re-capping fond memories from the year prior.

Turkey of Year Award

Last but not least don’t forget to check out DoAheadDining’s list of recipes to help make your holiday meal a snap. I’ll post my fav’s this month so you can be thinking about your special meal. Yummy Yams is a favorite and one that I get many requests for.


Let the games begin girls. But remember, we’re DoAheads! We’ll think ahead, plan ahead so we can keep our heads and relish the moment!

I’ll be back on Thursday…in the meantime pop over for some inspiration at DoAhead Woman’s Facebook page!

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