Christmas Countdown!

5 Gift Ideas

I’m still shopping girls. That’s right. Me. Little Missy DoAhead is still trying to finish up the Ho-Ho thing. I know what happened. I got cocky. I had actually started in October this year. I don’t know why. I just did. I think I stumbled upon a perfect gift for a loved one and thought “Hey…why not get this thing rolling?”

Well, somewhere along the line I must have started to assume (falsely) that I was further ahead with my shopping than I actually was. Truth is…

I’m scramblin’ friends. Not complete eggs-in-a-pan scramble but yolk-broke-open I’d better get the egg-out-0f-the-pan kind of scramble. In other words, my anxiety doesn’t justify medication but I need to get things finished up. Kidding. (Kind of.)

How about you?

Regardless of the level of preparedness you’re at I’m hoping these ideas help you wrap up the wrapping so you can move on to the kitchen! A couple of the ideas are personalized, the others are one click away from being shipped to your home or directly to your loved one. Without further delay…

Five Last Minute Gift Ideas

  1. Floral Arrangements: Teleflora and Proflowers are both reputable. The best part is that you can find beautiful options for around $20.
  2. Work-out Gear: We all know that right after Christmas comes New Years and the resolve to exercise. My fitness friend Adrian Jessen shares some great ideas on her Better Choices. Better Living blog. Check it out! I did and it gave me a much needed idea for my college daughter.
  3. Homemade cocoa stored in a decorated mason jar is simple, sweet and easy to do last minute! Here’s the recipe: Swiss Miss DoAhead Style.
  4. Unique gift ideas for men are yours if you click on this link from Amazon. My quick perusal revealed a variety of affordable, fun ideas (stocking caps, grill accessories, sports paraphernalia to name a few).
  5. The fifth and final last minute idea? How about the gift of your sweet ol’ self? Most of your friends and family would be delighted to have the most precious of gifts and that is the gift of your time. A note with a card listing three reasons why you would love to take them for coffee will probably go on record as one of their all time fav’s.

That’s it friends! I’m off and and running. No elves here. I’m guessing you’re shy on them at your place too. Good luck and God speed!

Your (tiny bit behind) DoAhead Friend,


  1. I love number 5!!!!!

  2. You and me both!! Let’s grab our cups!

  3. I can feel the Christmas rush. Enjoy your shopping and the holidays ahead. 🙂

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