March Madness {Book Bundle Give-Away!}

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I’ve been poking through my “blog calendar” and I realized it’s been far too long since I’ve had a give-away! My dilema? I know four amazing authors who’ve had book releases at virtually the same time. Each of these books touches a part of my life. I think they’ll touch a part of yours too!

Soooo…I’m doing my first ever “bundle” give-away! Eligibility is based on two things. You need to live in the US and answer ONE question! I’m doing research for a writing project and I would love to hear from you.

Do you ever feel behind or swamped by daily life?

Answers could be:




If you answer “always” or “sometimes” could you briefly share in what way?

For example:

“I’m always late.”

“I can never keep up with household chores.”

“Self-care is impossible…I have no time for me.”

“Patience in parenting is impossible when we’re always on the run.”

“I can’t remember what it’s like to date my spouse.”

You can answer here or on DoAhead Woman’s facebook page, or you can email me!  I’ll announce the winner in 2 to 3 weeks! (If you answer your name will go in the “kitty” and a random number generator will pick the winner).

Here’s a brief description of the books…a chance to wet your appetite for some late Spring or fun Summer time reading!



If you’ve ever lost it as parent than Triggers is for you. This down-to-earth book give practical (biblical) advice so you can respond gently to situations that leave you feeling anything but gentle! Check out Amber Lia and Wendy Speake’s websites for more information!

I Want It All

Gwen Smiths book I Want It All  is sure to light a fire in you! Her book will help you recognize the exceptional impact God created you for! Be sure to check out Gwen’s website at!

I Know His Name

Wendy Blight’s I Know His Name is a five session study that helps women grow from simply knowing about God to really knowing God. Get to know Wendy better by visiting her at!

Curious Faith

Logan’s book, Curious Faith, is sure to encourage if the humdrum of daily life has you wondering “Is there more?” Logan’s sparkly personality permeates the book. Reading it is sure to be a blessing. You can also “meet” her at her website!

That’s it DoAheads! I hope you’ll drop a line…I’d love to mail YOU these books.

Your DoAhead Friend,



  1. Sometime.
    My knee jerk reaction was to say always but I have moments of peace in the chaos. I just have to set myself up for those times 🙂
    I say sometime because I have those days where I’m juggling and choosing between good, better and best. Those days are tough. They create unrest in my soul. They max out my mind. They create disorder.
    Love ya friend!

  2. Not really. I’m not sure how it happened, but I have a very laid back personality and just don’t sweat whatever tasks the day holds. The only time I even come close is when I’m at work and have deadlines – but I have never missed a deadline with work, so it’s not something I worry too much about there either.

    • I want what you’ve figured out! I’m gleaning some things from your comment…you’re laid back and don’t sweat whatever the day holds. That sounds like what another gal on Facebook just said about having margins and being flexible! Maybe there’s a theme here. THANKS for stopping! Your name is in the drawing!

  3. Lisa Strickland says:

    ALWAYS!! NEVER EVER SEEM TO CATCH UP!! always running late and never have enough time! The more I try to press in to God it seems the more life presses back at me! With trying to help my disabled husband who just had major back surgery and the stress of wanting to help with my ailing grandmother … I NEVER seem to have ANY time to focus on ME and GOD like I should. It’s “FEET HIT THE FLOOR RUNNING” all the time. Have to find a way to change that!!

    • Lisa, Thank you for your transparency! I so identify with “hit the floor running”! I’m praying that this writing project helps peeps like you and I expand our margins so we can carve out that time for God. Again, thank you for your feedback! Your names is in the kitty!

    • Oh Lisa, You know we are praying for you always. Your strength will be multiplied in resting in your Father’s arms. He sees your caring, loving, nurturing heart and He will supply. Love you girl!

  4. Sometimes. It feels like “always” because we don’t have time for date nights and my laundry is never done but I also feel as though I could put more effort into these things if I really sit back and analyze how I spend my time. I pray for guidance on better time management as well as wisdom to see what is truly important!

    • Oh Mindy! I appreciate the comment regarding wisdom on what’s most important. That’s where I can struggle. Some days it all seems important but I think you also hit on a great tool. Prayer! I truly believe He helps us discern moment by moment what to do. Grsteful for your presence here! Your name is in the kitty girl!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I feel swamped by daily life, well, daily! I try to let the little things go, give myself a break by not expecting it all to be the way I want, increase my kids independence, and even pay for help with the house and yard. Somehow, there is always more.

    • I’m a recovering perfectionist and I think one of the hardest things was “letting go” and letting the kids do more. In hindsight I wished I’d promoted that even more than I did. Things don’t always get done the way we want but long term it reaps great benefits. You’re on the right track! So glad you stopped! 🙂

  6. Celeste Simmons says:

    I feel like I am always behind. Part of this I will say come with age and the spunk is just not here anymore. I have a great desire but lack the ability to accomplish it all . I get overwhelmed. I am still working and help out with my grandchildren. With each day, I try to decide the most important task I need to do and that’s where I start. However I take time for myself to sit (preferably outside), read, pray and relax.

    • Celeste I’m so glad you stopped by! You’re right…it’s hard to press on when “spunk” is at a premium! I appreciate your sharing that you take time for yourself. So important! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. Sometimes. It seems I have a hard time keeping up with daily life. I am behind most of the time.

    • Sometimes I wonder Phyllis if I simply have too high of expectations regarding what can reasonably be done in a day? Do you suppose THAT is what is happening to us?! Grateful for your presence here! I’ll add your name to the drawing!

  8. Cathy VerSteeg says:

    Sometimes. I used to be an ‘always’, but I’ve learned that I can’t say yes to every request and that spending time on myself is a necessity, not a luxury. That being said, everyday – multiple times – I feel disappointed or frustrated that I didn’t do ‘just a little bit more…’, especially for my students. Those 21 kiddos have my heart and I want to make sure I give them my very best in every way all the time!

    • “I can’t say yes to every request…” And that my friend is wisdom. I’m still learning! So glad you stopped over Cathy. You name will be added to the drawing!!

  9. Always…to all of the examples you listed! The one that probably gets me the worst is keeping up with household chores. I used to be obsessive with it but somewhere in the last 7 years I lost myself and who I was and am trying to find that person inside me again. The business of church activities, work, kids’ activities, something had to give and it was household chores. It’s hard to keep up and I wish it didn’t bother me but it does. Because of that it is always a cloud over my head that doesn’t allow me to enjoy anything…time with my spouse, time with my kids…because I “should be getting this organized, or cleaning that ceiling fan…” it never ends.

    • Oh Stacey…you and I (and about a million other women) feel exactly the same! You are not alone sister! If there is one thing God is teaching me lately its this, I can handle being overwhelmed. The thing that get’s me is WHAT is overwhelming me! It drives me crazy that the undone laundry, left-overs for supper and dirty floor (sounds like household chores right?) bugs me so! I heard a speaker say that “Our lives don’t need balance when they are weighted by the glory of God.” The way out? You already hinted at the answer. “I’m trying to find that person inside of me again.” Who we are, how He made us and honoring those callings can leave us overwhelmed too…but in a good way! Praying for you sis! Love you to the moon and back!

  10. Sometimes seems my laundry is never caught up but I love the saying piles of laundry means loved ones are near taught to me by a very wise woman!! And I used to think my house was a mess but my mom always tells me toys laying around isn’t a mess . It’s your babies enjoying themselves! And this last week my little girlie wasn’t feeling very good and I kept thinking how I would take a messy house she makes over her laying around sick and not wanting to play miss you Cindy!

  11. Lisa Plooster says:

    Your blog and posts many times are so spot on to what is going on in my life it is scary. I gain so much from your writings and I thank you for the many times you have lifted me up when I have been down!

  12. Joni Thome says:

    Oh gosh! You know the old saying…’the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get!’ Well, that little ditty fits me to a “T”!!! I am getting better at letting things go though. I don’t feel like I have to get the bed made the instant my feet hit the floor anymore!! Ok, maybe it’s just an old age thing-but I’m always hopeful!!!

  13. Lisa Catellier says:

    I always feel that I’m behind on everything! The house chores, the laundry, disciplining the children. And then there is the job! (We won’t even go there ) And since I’m behind, I feel inadequate. That I’m not good enough at anything, anywhere. I pray for peace and guidance. But I don’t always feel at peace. Maybe this book bundle will force me to slow down, spend some quiet time reading and master my relationship with God so that every other relationship falls into place.

    • Lisa, I think you hit on something really important. The peace! I’ve been doing a great deal of reading, writing and thinking about what it takes to acquire peace! Let’s share a hot chocolate in church on Sunday and see if we can figure this thing out! So good to “see” you here. Your name is added! 🙂

  14. I have to say pretty much always- my plate has been over full since my moms stroke end of December. Cafegiver, watchdog, nurse, taxi for appts, AND POA. I can’t seem to keep up with home bookkeeping & office and income producing activities have come to a grinding halt. Can’t seem to take off any hats! Time to read?? – I certainly wud try!

  15. Always. I have too many irons in the fire for starters and I always think there is more time than there really is. I’m learning slowly to trim back and better manage the stress in my life but it’s still a process at work.

  16. Jodie Cain-Lambert says:

    These would be great summer reading!

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