Giving The Church a Second Chance

Lonely Woman 1

“I’m kind of a scaredy cat. Except that I have a really good game face.

I make all kinds of plans to do things that scare me, for the simple fact that curling up at home isn’t always good for me. And it was that exact kind of plan I made as I attended a women’s retreat this past weekend that was being led by friend I deeply respected and loved. I’d forced myself. I bought a plane ticket to a state I’d never been. I was going to be hitching rides with people I’d never met before. And I was seriously nervous, because—spoiler—I’m not great at making girlfriends.”

DoAheads, these are the words of a friend I met a couple of weeks ago. I had the remarkable privilege of attending a book launch for Suzanne Eller. The added bonus was the opportunity to meet roughly 50 0ther amazing women. Each one of them had dynamic life stories. Unfortunately, the two days at the camp did not allow intimate conversations with each attendee.

However, this dear lady and I did connect.

I. Was. Blessed.

If you’ve ever been hurt by the church this article is for you.

Hop over to Laura’s blog today at The Christian Single Mom. You’ll be glad you did.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a few thoughts on what it means to fall in love with Jesus. 🙂

Your DoAhead Friend,


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