It’s A Miracle

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Someone I know is hurting right now.

My family and I, as well as a gazillion others, have been praying for a miracle

The word prompt at Suzie Eller’s #livefree today was “it’s a miracle”. My thoughts immediately went to how desperately we desire a miracle for this family that is dear to so many.

Nine days ago a young, attentive father, devoted husband, healing physician, dedicated bible learner (and teacher) collapsed. He was on a run with his oldest daughter when his heart gave way.

Today he is in a hospital where he has remained in a coma since the event. Many of us have been praying for a miracle.

“Jesus, you can do this. Please… Let. Him. Wake. Up.”

Another day passes.

Hope remains but it appears that the miracle is on hold.

Or is it?

I began to think about what Suzie said in the very first chapter of her book, Come With Me.

“The miracle was never about the fish.”

As readers, we’re reminded of the story of Simon and his huge catch of fish. Here’s an excerpt.

“Can you imagine the joy Simon experiences at the catch of fish? It’s a miracle! It will provide for his family. Simon could build a shrine dedicated to the miracle and profit from it. …

Simon walked away from the fish to follow Jesus. That changes the perspective entirely. The miracle was never about the fish. Pushing out deeper was never about the fish. That voice asking you to push out deeper? It’s not about the fish. Simon walked away from a heap of fish and Jesus became…






That’s the real miracle performed in Simon Peter’s life….”

Tears are forming. Chin is trembling. Because as I type this I am fully aware that it is not my husband that I desperately want to wake up. But here is truth.

Reynen Family 1

We’re already seeing a miracle.

  • People united in prayer.
  • Tenderness harvested in the body of Christ.
  • Manifestation of gratitude for all that’s taken for granted.
  • Perspective gained on what matters most, now and for eternity.

These are all miracles.

Every day as Doc and I lift this sweet family’s needs to heaven I’m reminded that my time table isn’t God’s and that too often I pray for too little. I’m reminded that the most important prayer (the real miracle) is:

Give. Us. Jesus.

Doing life with Christ is the miracle. The familiarity of this world and the people we love beckons deep and hard. But me thinks I settle for too little.

I’ll have eternity to celebrate life with my loved ones.

Today? Today the miracle is that I get to walk this world with the One who made it.

He knows me.

He knows you.

He’ll carry me.

He’ll carry you.

The continued miracle is that I can ask for and experience more of HimThe enormity of the miracle is hard to grasp. Jesus, co-author of the universe, wants to “do life” with us.

This morning my son shared about an experience he had last night at a local observatory. He (and the remainder of his college astronomy class) accompanied their professor and listened as the teacher explained the extreme scale of the galaxy. My son was overwhelmed by the fact that you could see galaxies millions of miles away.

Do you know what overwhelms me?

Jesus holds those galaxies in the palm of His hand. Hands that powerful should frighten me. It’s just that when I see the scars from the nails He bore, I know that His love equals His power. He loves me.

He loves you.

Friends… it’s a miracle.

Your DoAhead Friend,



  1. Perfect for my heart this morning Cindy. I was just reading the story in Luke this morning, no accident, I’m certain. I noticed that when one person followed it had an effect on others. The fish were so heavy they needed help. Let the movement start with me, Lord, so others will come as well!
    Praying for your loved one and many others this morning. Trusting the Mighty One to keep us all close! See you soon dear friend!

  2. Beautiful, powerful, and so deeply encouraging. I needed to read this today. Praying for your friends and believing with you, sweet lady. #livefreeThursday

  3. Praying for a miracle for your friend, but also love the reminder of the greatest miracle of all that Jesus did and that we get to walk with him.

  4. “The miracle was never about the fish!” This hit me like a ton of….well….fish! I’m learning so much from you and your words! I love that you help me see things in a new way. Keep your Divine inspiration coming! Please know that I’m lifting your friend and those who care for him up in prayer, Cindy

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