The Face of Grace

Paint brush

I saw grace today. She appeared in many forms…many faces.

A little bird was stuck atop a precarious flag pole. The wind whipped and I marveled at its persistent perch. I began to wonder if her stay there was intentional or abandonment. I whispered a prayer for my feathered friend. It wasn’t long after she swooped away- off on an unknown mission.

Her safe departure?——–


The 3 am hail that struck our home was nothing more than melted puddles by 6 am.

The fact that standing water was the only sign of their arrival?——–


Early morning quiet found me gazing at slow moving ripples that repeatedly kissed the shore line. I marveled at the affectionate embrace between sand and water authored by a wind put into place by the Creator thousands of years prior.

Breath of life?——–


My nostrils are met with the smell of fresh paint. Every stroke of application a loving backrub for a longstanding family home that served others so well for so long.

The memories of those that built it and their vision for it?——–


The “purr” of my man as catches a few final winks before he starts an incredibly long day serves as the backdrop to my reading.

The fact that he asked me to do “I do” nearly thirty years ago?——–


I hear the echo of the garage door shutting as a lanky, young man heads off to work. He had to find his way through a remodel mess much the same way he’s finding his way through life right now. Twists. Turns. Obstacles.

The opportunity to grow in strength and patience as we walk alongside him?——–


Anticipation rises as I look forward to a large family gathering in our home in a week. Their presence here and the hours of re-living, re-connecting and re-establishing relationships will serve to solidify a family tradition.

This legacy of love?——–


Work, work and more work to be done. All a gift! When God makes my hands eager for the task before me something deep inside resonates with the knowledge that enthusiasm like that can’t be self-generated.

Work and the ability to do it?——–


A summer full of anniversaries over precious family members who have passed on should leave me sad. I’m not. Their passing simply reminds of a privilege I never earned. I was loved and had the opportunity to love amazing people.

Healing over loss?——–


Tears start to trickle and I’m overcome at the magnitude of grace in my life.

How about you friend?

Has your busy day (busy life) robbed you of reflection?

What are the faces of grace in your life?

My prayer for you right now is that as you read this you’ll be prompted to think of three faces of grace. It may be the meal before you, the gas in your car, the kids waiting at home, or eyes that can see.

Whatever it is I believe that by doing so we lend perspective to these crazy days of ours!

{Grateful to connect with Suzie Eller and the #livefree community today as we talk about “what grace looks like”!}

Your (Gazing in the Face of Grace) DoAhead Friend,



  1. Beautiful! Recognizing the grace we’ve been giving seems to be the antidote to entitlement. Beautiful words! Many blessings on your upcoming family gathering!

    • The antidote indeed! THANK you for the blessing over our gathering. It is such a treasured time for us. Grateful for your presence here…hope you have an amazing day Liz!

  2. Sweet Cindy. The Grace He gives abounds all around. I’ll be reflecting today and rejoicing as I see it flow freely from His hands to my heart. Blessings sweet friend!

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