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Today’s post is a glimpse into Dana’s bold obedience and brave words as she shares from her heart. Read it and blessed…I know I was!


Can I be honest? Writing this has been hard. I can’t say I really wanted to write it. But I somehow needed to. You see, I write what is laid on my heart. That’s what I believe I’m called to do. And this topic wouldn’t go away. So I put my fingers to the keyboard.

I felt opposition as I wrote. I felt insecure about how it was coming together. I felt like it was too obvious…and too vague at the same time. I felt as I completed it that, even with all these words, I actually communicated nothing. I’m not even sure it is coherent. Pressing publish on this post is a step of obedience for me.

So I’m going to start by just laying it out there:

Truth is truth.

Profound, right?

It seems obvious. It seems simple. And it shouldn’t be controversial. But it is.

We live in a culture where secular humanism and moral relativism have strongly influenced our understanding of truth, without us even realizing it much of the time.

Our society continually tries to convince us that truth can be tweaked or completely redefined based on our own leanings, preferences, feelings…or based on who is saying what the loudest.

That’s just not how truth works. And I feel like we need to hear it stated simply, clearly and without hesitation or apology.

Truth is truth…

whether we like it or not.

whether we agree with it or not.

whether we accept it or not.

whether we believe it or not.

Truth is not up for debate. The only debate is our willingness to believe it.

So what is truth?

Truth is God’s Word.

The truth about who we are, our purpose, our future, our morality, our world, our sinful state, our everything—it can all be found in God’s Word. It is the one and only source of absolute truth we have or will ever need. And that goes for every single human being.

Believers are nodding as they read this. Others are bristling against such a bold stance. How dare I define truth for everyone with such a blanket statement? Well, I didn’t. God did.

And the fact that some will disagree with any or all of the assertions above doesn’t change anything. Any person’s or population’s disagreement or disbelief has zero impact on the fact and reality of truth.

Truth stands on its own. We have only to respond to it.

We have to decide what to do with it. We accept it. Or we reject it. We believe it. Or we don’t. That is our individual choice. But regardless of how we choose, truth remains. Unwavering.

But oh, aren’t we so often made to waver?

The world argues incessantly and convincingly against truth. And in our humanness, that constant conflict starts to chip away at our confidence. We begin to question. Doubts begin to creep into our minds.

Suddenly we find ourselves reinterpreting the most obvious truths—the things God clearly addresses—to fit what sounds good, what feels good, what is more easily explainable or understood. We bend, twist and do word gymnastics with God’s Word to make it seem more appealing and acceptable.

My friends, we need to be aware when we start doing this. When we find our minds clouded and questioning, we need to urgently search the Word. The answers are there. And they are clear. We have to stop muddying them up with the admonitions and influence of a fallen world.

When any of God’s truths become controversial in our mind, something weighty is happening.

We are facing a crisis of authority.

Man versus God. And we have to make a choice. Will we listen to the logic, intellect and persuasive reasoning of man? Or will we take God at His Word? Whose word will we give authority?

Like it or not, that’s what it all comes down to.

God says this…but man says this.

What man says sounds so good. It tickles the ears, if you will. (II Timothy 4:3) It can be easier to accept. And if we do accept it, more people will like us and view us as “good” and tolerant and inclusive and “loving.”

We will receive the approval of the world. But we will have replaced the rightful authority of God with the fickle influence of man. And we will be living a lie—because a compromised truth is nothing less than a lie.

Friends, nothing faces opposition like truth. Truth will cost us. The Bible warns, we will be hated for living it.

“You will be hated by all because of My name.” (Matthew 10:22)

“…The wicked detest the upright.” (Proverbs 29:27)

Truth is hard. But truth is not controversial.

The only controversy is what we create as we attempt to justify our own preferences, reasoning and desires…as we substitute our own versions of truth for what God has revealed.

In the end, we will each individually answer to God for what we did with His truth. And each and every person will bow their knee, none able to continue denying the certainty and reality of His truth.

But for those who chose the authority of man’s word over the Word of God in this life, it will be too late. And that is the uncomfortable, hard, real truth. Whether we believe it, accept it, like it…or not.

Your DoAhead Friend,


About Dana Boyd

Dana is a lifelong lover of words with a passion for sharing stories of the heart—both her own and others. Her writings draw from her experiences as a woman, a writer, a wife, a mother of three, and a Bible-believing Jesus follower. She is a defender of truth, an avid proponent of common sense and a recovering (often relapsing) perfectionist still learning to lean in to grace. Her writing is an honest outpouring of her introverted heart, driven by a longing to inspire others to feel deeply, think critically and act compassionately. Dana shares her words as a monthly contributor at DoAhead Woman.

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