Will We Meet Our Loved Ones in Heaven?

Mother Daughter

I haven’t done this much people watching in a very long time. Of course, I haven’t had this long of a lay-over in years. Four hours in O’Hare provides perfect people-watching opportunity.

“Pretty Peacock” girl and I shared an interest in Einstein Bagels. Her multi-striped hair color was mesmerizingly beautiful.

The “We Need to Be Home NOW” family looked like vacation had taken its toll.

“Mr. Military” couldn’t help but garner attention with his smart attire, clean shaven looks and countenance that made one wonder where he’d come from.

But it was the cough that caught me off guard. I hadn’t even noticed her. She was a mere four feet away and I nearly missed her unassuming form.

But for the cough. It was a petite sound as far as coughs go. Of course, it wasn’t the cough itself that grabbed my attention. It was the fact that this stranger’s cough sounded just like my mother’s.

How strange is that? It’s true though isn’t it? It’s just that we never really think about those things while our loved one is still around.

  • The click in our husband’s heel when he gets out of bed.
  • The son that announces his entrance with snapping fingers.
  • The daughter who invariably hums while she studies.
  • The Grandpa who clears his throat before the dinner blessing.
  • The sister’s syncopated footfall.

All markers that make our loved one…our loved one!

Yesterday marked the passing of my Mom. She’s been gone for three years and yet it feels as though I haven’t heard that cough for thirty years.

My heart is pinching as I type.

Oh, how I miss her.

Her cough.

Her wit.

Her  hands.

Her smile.

Her wisdom.

Her cooking.

Her accountability.

I miss it all.

How about you? Is there someone you miss?

The good news is that as fast as a wave of ache can come over us we can tell the ache to take a hike! We simply have to boss our heart around with truth.

The truth regarding my mother is this——–

In the end, her broken body betrayed her but right now, this very minute, she’s fully alive and living fully!

I’m grateful beyond words to know that I’ll see her again. But if you’re like me sometimes the “lonely’s” make me forget what I know to be true.

Believers can bank on a heavenly reunion.

Think about that for a minute will you?

The quirk.

The colic.

The humor.

The heart.

The things you miss as you wonder,

Will I ever see them again?

Now, boss your heart around with this truth:

“You’ll see it with your own eyes—all those painful partings turned into reunions! God’s Promise.”  Zephaniah 3:20

I’ll close with this excerpt from Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven.

“Those whom you laid in the grave with many tears are in good keeping: you will yet see them again with joy. Believe it. Think it. Rest on it. It is all true.

Today I’m linking up with an amazing group of women over at Suzie Eller’s #livefree community. I hope you’ll stop over! Monday I’ll be sharing an awesome DoAhead Dining recipe for all those amazing veggies cropping up from our gardens!

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