When Your Smart Phone Outsmarts You


Howdy! Cindy here! In a hop, skip and a jump Jodie’s going to share a few thoughts on making the most of the calendars in our phones. (So easy not to do!)

Her words jump-started my own desire to make better used of organizational tools. I read her article and decided to DoAhead by getting ready for my 2017 planner! I did a little research and here’s where I landed.

The planner I ordered is from www.erincondren.com. I have several friends who’ve mentioned that they love theirs. In case Erin’s planner’s aren’t quite what you are looking for, below are a few other options:


Emily Ley

Plum Paper

Purple Trail

All of the above are “old-school”, paper organizers but to keep in step with Jodie I wanted to mention a digital organizer called Cozi. Again, I have friends that swear by it! I downloaded it… I’ll let you know how it goes!

Now for an encouraging word from contributor Jodie!

Recently I learned to use the calendar on my smart phone. I love this feature and admit that it is a great tool for a DoAhead girl.

Whether we choose a paper version or a smart phone app, keeping a calendar is a good DoAhead idea! The thing I like most about the app on my phone is that I can set multiple reminders for this forgetful gal’s brain to stay on task.

Lately, as the gray hairs on my head multiply and the wrinkles around my eyes deepen I find myself in need of reminders. You?

With a family racing off into different places, a ministry schedule that’s full, a work place that’s demanding, and a household to manage I tend to let things slip.

Do you ever find yourself remembering something one day after you should have showed up? It’s saved me and I’m not the girl that doesn’t show up to her commitments.

Recently, I had dream. A nightmare! My ministry partner, Donna, and I had planned a big event. Everything was in place, the invites were sent, the stage was set, and neither of us showed up!

Perhaps I should explain why this is a nightmare…we speak and sing at events. It’s equivalent to you booking a magician for your son’s eighth birthday party only to have him not show up!

You find yourself with spilt milk as you try the ever popular milk in the newspaper trick. Jokingly, I told Donna, “We better not plan anything for a while”.

Enter the smart phone with a calendar.

Sitting unused it tells you the days date. Being properly utilized, it helps you change the world, or at least get to your PTA meeting on time. Same thing, right?

Before I continue, I have to say, smart phones are no smarter than us, A-hem. And I also have to tell you that my teenage daughter was the one to point out this, not smarter than me, feature on my phone. (Giving credit where credit is due!)

Smart phones really don’t outsmart us, but a DoAhead girl is smarter when she uses the tools at her fingertips.

Setting reminders in my phone was tedious to begin with, but after some trial and error, very useful. Most things we DoAhead can seem cumbersome at first. Don’t let that be a discouragement.

***Once I realized that my phone recognized dates and events when I was texting or emailing and allowed me to just click on the word underlined I was sold!

Now I’m off to work. I really don’t need a reminder for that, but later today I will be grateful when my phone says it’s time to go home! 🙂

PS. Let us know if YOU have a favorite calendar tool. We’d love to hear from you!

Your DoAhead Friend,


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