Leveraging the Power of Procrastination


While cleaning out a small basket in my kitchen, I found a packet of seeds with an expiration date that had passed.

Sadly, I had not found the time to plant them indoors before the final frost of winter.  Consequently, I also had not progressed to the next step of transplanting them outside after the danger of frost was past.

Unfortunately, I never even opened the package.

My procrastination had managed to hinder the intended purpose of those seeds! 

Luke 8 reveals an interesting parable about scenarios in which seeds are scattered in different places.  Some of the seeds produced plants, but many did not. Jesus explained that the seeds in this parable represent the Word of God. 

All things considered, it is unfortunate to waste a packet of flower seeds.  It is, however, eternally tragic to disregard the intended purpose of the “package of spiritual seeds” known as God’s Word.

God’s Word endures forever, but our opportunity to respond to it does not.

Procrastination robs us of opportunity.

This analogy prompted me to examine my own life in terms of possible areas of delay in responding to His Word.

  • Is there something from God’s Word on which I need to act before a complacent, frosty chill settles over my heart?
  • Am I making my good intentions related to the Word of God a priority?
  • What, if anything, am I doing with God’s precious Word in my life? Do I read it, allow it to impact my thoughts, speak it, follow it, and share it with others?
  • Am I making an effort to overcome fear and a selfish focus in order to “transplant” God’s “special seeds of truth and love” in the world around me?

One fact is certain.

Most Christians have no shortage of “seeds,” but sometimes that is all we have.

We proudly display our very large seed collections without any fruit or flowers in sight.

It is easy to become motivated by the beautiful gardens others have planted. Starting a new Bible study, hearing a great sermon, and enjoying time in personal Bible study inspire us.

At some point, however, inspiration must be followed by the perspiration.

If we lovingly treasure that “seed” we’ll give attention to it in the heat and then protect it from the cold.

Perhaps, you, like me, have become dissatisfied with simply admiring the picture on the front of the seed package. 

Maybe, you are no longer content with simply hearing about the effectiveness God’s Word can have in fulfilling His purpose in our lives.

How then, can we avoid procrastination with His Word?

Let’s begin with a hard question.  Is there something in God’s Word about which we know we are procrastinating?

If the answer is yes, we need to make a decision to be aggressively intentional about what we do with that specific Word.

There comes a point where we must say,

It’s time to deal with it!

It’s time to acknowledge that these eternal seeds are much too valuable to remain in an unopened, ignored Bible.

It’s time to take the “seeds” out of the package, to open His book, and actually apply it to our lives.

It’s time to read, meditate and speak God’s powerful Words until they change the way we think and act.

It’s time to follow His directions before the chill of complacency moves into any area of our lives.

Last, but not least, it’s time to move those “seedlings” outside to a world that needs Jesus. “For the word of God [is] living and powerful, …” Hebrews 4:12 NKJV

It’s time.

“If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.”- John 15:7-8 NKJV

When His Words are planted inside our hearts, fruit shows up on the “outside” and God is glorified.  Lord, may this be true of us.

This is my prayer!

Your DoAhead Friend,


About Lauren Fletcher

Lauren Fletcher is a mother of 3 sons (and yes, she’s lived to tell about it!), a grandmother, first grade teacher, speaker, writer, and Bible study teacher. Her writing and speaking are infused with God’s Word, humor, and often, “what just happened.” Lauren's deepest desire is to encourage other women to love Jesus with all of their heart, soul, and mind. Lauren is a monthly contributor at DoAhead Woman.


  1. Okay, Lauren. I just want you to know, your words prompted me to actually take action on something that’s been ruminating in my mind for well over a month now. 🙂 I have to say I’m more nervous than happy about having done it, but I took the first step. So I’ll let you know if I fall on my face. haha! Good words! Thank you.

  2. Lauren Fletcher says:

    Wow! That’s great to hear! You inspire me, Dana.

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