Sweet Sugar Scrub


Oh DoAheads! I’m so excited for you to see what contributor Jodie Barrett has to share today!

Jodie (and her ministry partner Donna) have started the coolest outreach in the form of a jar! I won’t say much more (I’ll ruin the post) but you really should check out their ministry page listed at the bottom  (I might even share what my “joy-in-a-jar” looked like!) Let’s hear from Jodie!


7:30 in the morning is when I found out!

TODAY was my sweet neighbors Birthday and I wanted to do something special. I had a full day of work scheduled so my window of time to deliver joy was small. Thank goodness I picked up those little jars last weekend.

Jars? Yes. Jars.

It’s my newest little gift bag to use when I want to deliver a little joy to someone. I simply fill a jar with something special and give it away with a prayer to brighten someone’s day. On this particular morning the jar would need to be filled with something special for a birthday and with something I had on hand.

On Hand, That’s it! My sweet sugar hand scrub would be perfect. Here’s the recipe!

Sweet Sugar Hand Scrub


½ cup granulated sugar

¾ cup sugar in the raw or brown sugar

¼-1/2 cup Coconut Shea Butter Baby Oil

Simply mix the three together and fill into a pretty jar! Wha-laa! Sweet joy for the hands of you and your friends.




The DoAhead trick to delivering joy on that birthday that slips up on you is to be prepared!


Maybe you can have a gift bag stash and a few pretty cards in a special drawer or a jar or two to fill. As I mentioned, my latest gift bag of choice has taken the form of jars. Pop over to my blog home and see why! We would love for you to join us on a journey to deliver joy #onejaratatime

We even have items to offer that you can keep on hand to make the delivery process extra cute and sweet. Tags, stickers, and prayer sheets are all waiting for you at faithfullyfollowingministries.org/one-jar-time

Your DoAhead Friend,


This was my joy-in-a-jar! TOTALLY got the idea from Jodie and Donna.

My daughter left this jar of soap in the laundry room of her college dorm room.

Too. Much. Fun!




  1. Lauren Fletcher says:

    Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love me some organic, natural, homemade sweet smelling beauty product. I used to mix brown sugar and sunflower oil and use it as body scrub. 🙂 Or coffee and oil.

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