Absent Without Leave


Absent Without Leave is a phrase coined to reflect a situation by which a soldier is absent from their post but without intent to desert.

This phrase is a perfect description of where this soldier stands with her blog!

Girlfriends I have a confession. My brain has been beleaguered by an unusual number of migraines. At first it was tolerable. And then…not so much.

That’s when crazy entered the picture. My dang migraines nearly had me falling for the oldest lie in the book. I began to tell myself…

I’m a failure.

I know better girls. I really do. But I’ve been reminded in recent weeks of how easy it is to equate worth with productivity.

Ready for the next round of cray, cray?

I came precariously close to crossing over from the land of “I’m a failure” to “I’m ashamed.”

The interesting part of this story is that I know I’m not alone. Doc works with headache patients. He sees all kinds of folks from all walks of life. There’s one thing many of them have in common:

They’re ashamed.

  • Many can’t perform their jobs like they wish they could.
  • Some can’t parent like they wish they could.
  • A few can’t get out of bed like they wish they could.

They feel “less than.”

This business of “less than” is the whole reason I hoped you and I could connect today. I’ve been thinking about all the other DoAhead Women out there. scrambling to make Christmas as lovely as possible.





What wonderful endeavors!

Until we start to compare.

Suddenly we can’t cook well enough, clean deep enough, wrap pretty enough, or run hard enough.

Don’t go there. Don’t do it.

You’re doing your best and that’s what counts!


  • Pintrest recipe failures provide great story-telling material for years to come.
  • Kids don’t care how clean the house is. They just want to be with you
  • Tin Foil works great for wrapping paper. (I’m not even kidding.)
  • Running is over-rated. Take a breath. Slow down. What doesn’t get done—doesn’t get done.

Spending a moment to remember these things so we can maintain a healthy perspective in the days before Christmas is a very good DoAhead!

I”m taking my leave of absence as I sign off for the holiday. {I’ll be returning the second week of January. We’ve been working on a new cookbook and it will publish the 12th! It’s free for subscribers. We’ll have DoAhead recipes for DeTox and Light Eating.}

You’ll still find new scripture and graphics on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so let’s keep in touch!

Blessings to you and yours this beautiful time of year! I’ll “see” you in January!

Your DoAhead Friend,



  1. Oh how I needed to hear this today sweet sister…

  2. You’re doing your best and it counts! Really. 🙂
    Happy 2017!

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