Naturally Pretty Nails

Let me start this post with one big ol’ disclaimer. The featured photo is not a pic of my nails.

A.) Mine are not that nice.

B.) I do not have a resident photographer—it would be impossible for me to capture this shot.

However, I do have a little secret that I’ve stumbled upon and it is definitely helping me on my journey toward prettier…HEALTHIER nails.

Drum roll please for Bonita. I started using this product after consulting with someone in the medical field about my poor nails. We determined that I needed more calcium but I was also told to incorporate a supplement for hair, skin and nails. This post is not a plug for Bonita…there are many similar products out there. But I am excited to share that after three months my nails are showing definite improvement!

If you have thin, peeling or weak nails talk to your health professional. Perhaps a similar supplement will work for you!

That’s it for a tiny DoAhead Diva tip.  I’ll be back Monday with ideas for the upcoming Easter holiday!

Your DoAhead Friend,


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