28 Planned Meals to Add Fun (and time) to your Summer!

Summer is its own brand of crazy!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s time spent traveling, time at softball, or time at the beach. It’s all fun! Of course, all that time out and about can boomerang and we end up with little time in the kitchen!

That’s what inspired us to plan 28 days of meals.

We want you to have more time doing the things you love, with the people you love, so we decided to DoAhead for you!

Here’s what you’ll find:


A single sheet that maps out four weeks of meals. You can post it on the fridge. It’s bright and colorful…just like summer!

In addition, you can print and post the individual weeks. Here you’ll find suggestions for sides and other tips.


We’ve keyed in on five components of cooking. These buttons will help you easily identify features of the meal.


Download the monthly planner on your favorite digital device and click on the entree. You’ll be linked directly to the recipe. These recipes come from various chefs, some specialize in gluten free, others on easy cooking. We think you’ll like meeting these new friends!

If you’re a current subscriber this is landing in your inbox tonight. If not, subscribe now for your FREE 28 days of planned meals.

That’s it! More time for yourself and more time for summer!

Your DoAhead Friend,



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