I Owe… {God Bless the Fourth of July}

Today I am sober in my celebration for where I live, the country in which I was born. I’m grateful that I can say,

I am an American.

That rolls off the tongue so quickly. But I want to slow it down. Repeat it for the precious truth that it is.

I.      Am.    An.     American.

It means I get to get up and go to work.

It means I worship freely.

It means there are meals on my table.

It means I and my family have many opportunities to learn and grow.

I experience these freedoms because others paid a price.

I freely received freedom and its many benefits.

I didn’t earn them and I’m not owed a thing.

I owe them.

I owe my forefathers (and mothers) for the sacrifices they made. Because of them——–

  • I owe my fellow Americans freedom of speech.
  • I owe them regard and civility, whether I agree with them or not.
  • I owe my own respectful and loving expression of truth as I know it.
  • I owe my country the bringing up of children that understand they are not owed.

I owe these United States my prayers.

And that is exactly what I intend to do.

Tonight when the fireworks fly my prayers will accompany them.

Their tails will carry my…

Prayers of gratitude for those before me.

Prayers of peace and protection for those beside me.

Prayers of hope and healing for the generations to come after me.

Care to join me? If you need to prime your prayer pump check out the two minute video below.

Hoping you and yours have a beautiful Holiday! {I’ll be stepping away from my desk for a few days. Our tribe expands to forty-five this week! Everyone is home and we couldn’t be happier. Blessings!}

Your DoAhead Friend,


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