Four Truths About Making Friends

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship this past week as I contemplate one of my all-time favorite conferences—She Speaks. I won’t be attending this year and it feels a bit odd. I’m wistful over the friends I won’t connect with but more than anything I’m thinking about the new attendees and how they may feel once they arrive. [Read more…]

Aronia Berry Smoothie

Have you ever heard of aronia berries? How about choke-berries?

Not long ago I made a jaunt into our local health food store in search of a nutritious berry for smoothies. The clerk was informative and eagerly shared her knowledge. Her top pick? [Read more…]

I Owe… {God Bless the Fourth of July}

Today I am sober in my celebration for where I live, the country in which I was born. I’m grateful that I can say,

I am an American.

That rolls off the tongue so quickly. But I want to slow it down. Repeat it for the precious truth that it is.

I.      Am.    An.     American. [Read more…]

Vegetable Marinade

This recipe is perfect for summer cookouts but I’ve been known to bake and then broil them mid-winter.

Vegetable options are listed but you can add or mix according to you or your family’s taste.

The balsamic vinegar lends just the right amount of zip to make it a tasty side-dish to virtually any meal! [Read more…]

28 Planned Meals to Add Fun (and time) to your Summer!

Summer is its own brand of crazy!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s time spent traveling, time at softball, or time at the beach. It’s all fun! Of course, all that time out and about can boomerang and we end up with little time in the kitchen!

That’s what inspired us to plan 28 days of meals.

We want you to have more time doing the things you love, with the people you love, so we decided to DoAhead for you!

Here’s what you’ll find: [Read more…]

Lemon, Wine & Butter Sauce

Confession. I don’t eat fish. Perhaps it’s a hazard of living in the Midwest as opposed to ocean-side. Friends and family will testify——–I rarely have fish on my plate.

Until now.

My daughter and I tweaked a recipe for lemon sauce and I have to say it was downright delicious!

Drizzle a bit of this over your fish of choice and rice. I promise you’ll like it! [Read more…]