About Jodie Barrett

Jodie is a wife, mother of two teens, speaker, teacher and blogger! Her passion is teaching women the Word of God to help motivate and encourage them to strengthen their faith walk. She looks for joy in the everyday things like laundry, waiting in line and cooking, considering each an opportunity to share God's love with others!
Often you can find Jodie with her ministry partner Donna, teaching a Faithfully Fit exercise class or leading a Faithfully Following bible study or conference. To read more visit Jodie at www.faithfullyfollowingministries.org. Jodie is a monthly contributor at DoAhead Woman.

No More Missed Opportunities

Two times in one week I missed an opportunity. Two times.

And honestly, those are just the two times I am aware that I missed something.

These opportunities were not by definition anything that would promote me to a better place. No, these were opportunities to assist another in need. They were placed right in front of me and I was just too busy (my polite way of saying self-absorbed) to be bothered. [Read more…]

Tables that Whisper Love

Today’s DoAhead Dining is an uber fun take on Valentines in the kitchen! Contributor Jodie Barrett shares fun ideas (and images) for spicing up YOUR kitchen for the anticipated day!  [Read more…]