Everyone Needs a “7 Eleven Story”

Gumball Machine 1

Everyone needs a “7 Eleven story.”

I experienced one at a young age that led to a defining moment in my life.

I vividly remember asking my dad to play a game with me after dinner one evening. However, he and his partner had started an architectural firm and it frequently required long workdays. Often, he would come home to eat dinner with the family and then return to his office to meet a deadline on a design project.

This one particular evening, my dad said he had to return to work, but he offered to bring me back a treat.  He asked me what I would like.

I knew that a “7 Eleven type store” near his workplace stayed open very late. Near the entrance of the store was a gum machine that showcased rings sparingly nestled among the gumballs. I decided to ask BIG. I asked for one of those rings with the sparkly stones! [Read more…]

The Danger of Barely Hanging On {Give-Away Winner Announced!}

Cord Plugged 1

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Sparks flew from a nearby electrical socket. The room suddenly became pitch black, the air conditioner fell silent, and the stench of something burnt filled the air.

We had arrived in our hotel room around midnight – tired, exhausted, and eager to get some sleep. As each family member scrambled to get ready for bed, I quickly flipped open the top of my suitcase, allowing it to fall softly against the wall. And when I did, the sparks began to fly! [Read more…]