The Little Big Things of Life


DoAheads! How ARE you? We’ve been a little shy on posts the past two weeks. Mostly yours truly! A minor medical issue caught me off guard but all is well.

It will be a bit more quiet around here until the New Year. Christmas IS coming is it not?! We’ll keep posting s few fun recipes that may serve you well if you’re entertaining (I was in the mood for snacks…go figure!)

And I’ve got an awesome give away next week (A three month subscription to Fortify My Faith! Details to come!) In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy this beauatiful “Christmas letter” from contributor Dana Boyd. I’ve always known she was a lovely human being. Her words and pictorial narrative confirm it. 🙂

Blessings dear ones. I’ll be back on Monday!


Somehow, we are turning the page on 2016. It will soon be our yesterday. Nationally, contention dominated the months. I imagine, in the years ahead, a glance in the rear-view mirror will reflect, for many, memories eclipsed by the dark and the ugly.

The controversies and struggles of a nation, the resulting unrest that crept into relationships.

The vulgarities and criminalization that lost their scandalous impact, sadly becoming commonplace and accepted…if not expected.

The outrage, faux and genuine, and division that hearts embraced as they chose hostility over souls.

But that’s not where I will allow my spirit to settle.

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A Love Like This


The words on the other end of the phone sent me reeling, like I’d been sucker punched:

“So your daughter will be 15 this December?” [Read more…]

Power Grab

Hands Drowning 1

I couldn’t find her. My eyes frantically scanned the nearby waters, as I swallowed the panic rising in my throat. My eight-year-old daughter was there, playing with her friend, one second. But now, she was gone. Just…gone.

It was probably only 10 seconds. Ten. eternal. seconds. [Read more…]

The 13th Disciple

Home Sweet Home 1

Sometimes when I want a thought to really take root I repeat it. Out loud. Each time emphasizing a different word.

I am the thirteenth Disciple.

I am the thirteenth Disciple.

I am the thirteenth Disciple. [Read more…]

On Being Strong…

Little Girl Biceps 1

An open letter to my two daughters who continually point me to the source of my strength

My Darling Daughters,

You see it declared on itty bitty pink onesies and women’s t-shirts everywhere. Bumper stickers, billboards, commercials, song lyrics, and memes (so.many.memes.)—they all flex their girl power muscles. A deafening chorus rings out from every corner of our society: GIRL, YOU ARE STRONG! [Read more…]

Best or Beast?

Lion 1

“I wish I were enough.”

Oh friends! Please, please make sure you take a moment to read Dana’s post today. If you have ever thought or uttered the words above Her message will resonate deeply. I know it did for me.


Type A. Perfectionist. The beaver temperament. (If you are not familiar with author Dr. Gary Smalley’s personality categorizations, that may have sounded weird.) 🙂

Those things describe me…to a large extent. I have high standards. I like things done well. And I hold no higher standard than the one I set for myself. Good is never good enough. Best is merely acceptable and always expected. [Read more…]