Power Grab

Hands Drowning 1

I couldn’t find her. My eyes frantically scanned the nearby waters, as I swallowed the panic rising in my throat. My eight-year-old daughter was there, playing with her friend, one second. But now, she was gone. Just…gone.

It was probably only 10 seconds. Ten. eternal. seconds. [Read more…]

The 13th Disciple

Home Sweet Home 1

Sometimes when I want a thought to really take root I repeat it. Out loud. Each time emphasizing a different word.

I am the thirteenth Disciple.

I am the thirteenth Disciple.

I am the thirteenth Disciple. [Read more…]

On Being Strong…

Little Girl Biceps 1

An open letter to my two daughters who continually point me to the source of my strength

My Darling Daughters,

You see it declared on itty bitty pink onesies and women’s t-shirts everywhere. Bumper stickers, billboards, commercials, song lyrics, and memes (so.many.memes.)—they all flex their girl power muscles. A deafening chorus rings out from every corner of our society: GIRL, YOU ARE STRONG! [Read more…]

Best or Beast?

Lion 1

“I wish I were enough.”

Oh friends! Please, please make sure you take a moment to read Dana’s post today. If you have ever thought or uttered the words above Her message will resonate deeply. I know it did for me.


Type A. Perfectionist. The beaver temperament. (If you are not familiar with author Dr. Gary Smalley’s personality categorizations, that may have sounded weird.) 🙂

Those things describe me…to a large extent. I have high standards. I like things done well. And I hold no higher standard than the one I set for myself. Good is never good enough. Best is merely acceptable and always expected. [Read more…]

When Words Wound

Bully 1

Words can hurt. Thank God (literally) they can also help. If you, or someone you love, has ever been hurt by the words (or actions) of another then today’s post is for you. Contributor Dana Boyd shares words that heal. Friends…you will be blessed. 🙂 [Read more…]

Valentines College Care Package

Valentines Care Package 1

Well, sweet lovelies, this fun little post was supposed to publish two days ago. However, I’m learning that one of the joys of a home remodel is a funny little thing called “discontinuation of services.”

{I’ve added the internet technician, Dan, to my Thanksgiving roster. He deserves a major helping of Turkey and tators. His frequent visits to our home have resulted in the addition of our phone number to his cell phone…on speed dial. THAT’S how much he’s been here. Yes. The man definitely deserves some pumpkin pie.} [Read more…]