No More Travel Sickness!

I keep a running list in my phone of things that I think are awesome during travel. Why for love have I not been posting them?!

This little gem of a tid-bit can’t wait for a top-ten list. If you have trouble with nausea during travel you’ll appreciate this healthy, non-medicated option. [Read more…]

Destination Deliverer

Tay Munich

Our Missus just got back from an overseas trip. Mercy. I thought it was hard when I dropped her off at Kindergarten. Life moves on. Worries change. Times change. This lesson was driven home hard in recent days.

Her college chorale group was traveling through Prague,Vienna and Munich. Lovely. Until the news channels began running stories about terrorist threats in large European cities over the New Year. Big, fat not so lovely.

I’d hear the news reports and my stomach would tighten. [Read more…]

Traveling with Tots in Tow!

Santa Baby in Luggage 1

Two weeks ago our out-of-state family was en-route to South Dakota! Whoo Hoot! Doc and I whispered prayers for physical protection as loved ones traveled but before we closed I added one more important request- mental protection.

I knew my sister-in-law would be busy making her exit strategy from home and that my niece Katie (and hubster) would be traveling with two littles.
[Read more…]

The Back-Pack is Packed

Eddie Bauer Bag 1

I just spent the past twelve consecutive hours helping our recent high school graduate pack for a trip. We’ve ziplocked every liquid, rolled every pair of pants, double checked needed meds and triple checked the overall list.

The Missus is feeling prepared but what she’s really tickled about is a particular travel bag she’s taking. [Read more…]

Humdidity Please!

Humidifier 2

Well the title’s not a typo. My Dad would often mix up sounds in words to be silly. I decided that was a much better title than my first candidate, “How to Get Steamy in a Hotel Room.” Yeah. Not good.

Here’s the deal…I think most hotel rooms are in the running for an arid environment comparable to any given desert.  I have yet to spend a night in a hotel that I don’t awake horribly dehydrated. [Read more…]


Phone Cord Tangled 1

Today I have a teeny but helpful de-Tangling DoAhead Destination tip. This past fall my daughter stumbled upon a retractable phone charger. She used it at her desk but liked it so much she bought an additional one for her vehicle.

I drove her car one day and found myself wondering, “Why in tarnation don’t I have a charger like this?” {Cuz I’m all real selfless like that.} [Read more…]