When you have had enough!

The shower drain became clogged and the washing machine stopped working. Very soon after arriving home from a very stressful day at work, I spotted something that would require an additional service call.  Soon, the doorbell began to signal the arrival of the various technicians. I went from room to room as they discussed with me the different situations going on.

While talking to the plumber, I caught a glimpse of my special scented cucumber soap in the soap dish of the bathtub.  My plan to unwind  with a hot bath after everyone left provided some comfort in the midst of the confusion. [Read more…]

Hello…It’s me. {Winner of Book Give-Away Announced!}

Lately, I’ve been meeting a few new folks in Instagram Land. One of the things I appreciate is that they re-introduce themselves now and again.

Great idea!

May I introduce myself?

I’m Cindy. I write about Doing Ahead. [Read more…]

Magnificently Undone

Hawaiin Sunset 1

I’m in a plane (again). This time my view from 10,000 feet is a flocked “quilt” comprised of quartered land. The cold snow actually looks inviting from this perspective. Funny that I should be compelled to write about swaying palms and ocean tides.

In a previous post I mentioned that our tribe (minus the eldest) had the privilege of going to Hawaii. [Read more…]

Undone- Mess by Mess {Book Give-Away!}

Crazed Stick Person 1

Are you ready for a healthy dose of transparency?

I spent more of 2016 behind than ahead.

The undones outweighed the dones.

Consequently, I personally felt undone! [Read more…]

I’m Finally Letting Go {of my behind}.


My friend Rachelle spoke truth.

I will always be behind.

She went on to explain that it simply was NOT realistic to expect her list of “to-do’s” (work and home related) to ever be completely finished.

(You and I nod a hearty “Amen”.)

But then she said something else that really resonated. [Read more…]

Having Trouble Sitting There and Remaining Quiet?


A snake I believed to be poisonous was moving directly toward me.  Someone cautioned me to be still and quiet.  However, the closer it came, the more difficult that advice was to follow.

I had a decision to make and I remember that decision well! [Read more…]