Vanilla Vacuum

I’m a smelly person. Whoa. Let’s try that again. Smells are important to me. Consequently, I take action when the vacuum cleaner starts to make my house smell worse instead of better. So here’s a trick my mother shared with me years ago. I referenced it in a post last Fall but let me show you how it’s done. [Read more…]

Welcome HOME


Last week DoAhead Diva listed 5 points for staying fit. This week we’ve got 10 tips for making a guest in our home feel they ARE home! (The last tip will surprise you!) These are pointers that my wonderful, extended family helped me discover. Some of the tips are obvious, some not so much. But until you are in the position of staying in someone else’s home the obvious can be easy to overlook. [Read more…]

Natural Mildew Preventative

Black Eyed Susans

I hesitate to use the phrase “chemical free” when referring to today’s concoction. After all, nothing is chemical free! But I think you know what I mean. A dear friend of mine who’s an avid organic gardener gave me this recipe. I’ve never been a great gardener but I do have an affinity for flowerbeds and landscaping. One particular summer I was having trouble with mildew on several of my bushes. She scribbled these ingredients on a piece of paper and…

Bam——Organic Mildew Preventative!

[Read more…]

Let the Sun Shine In!

Flowers in a Vase

Years ago I made a decision. I decided to have fresh flowers in my home.  I wanted life and beauty before me.  A vase full of bright flowers seemed like the most attainable means of doing so. At the time, life was hard.  It was a season that would play itself out. In the end, God granted someone I cared deeply about many more years on earth. But during that season only one thing was certain…

There were no guarantees.

And so, a switch flipped. The preciousness of life hit me with the same veracity as the sting of a Polar Plunge. I maintained the habit of fresh flowers in my kitchen for years.  About a month ago I caught myself. I actually stopped in my kitchen and wondered, “When was the last time a bouquet of flowers sat here?” I couldn’t even remember! Had it been months? Years? [Read more…]

No More Fingerprints!

Stone Room Table

Have you ever had a décor’ project you were dying to try at home and you just never seemed to get around to it? I’ve had one of those bad boys haunting me for months.  (Who am I kidding…years.) Doc and I finally tackled it. The results were just as appealing as I had hoped so I have to share!

Several years ago we purchased a glass dining room table for our home office. We were thrilled with the purchase for several reasons:

  1. We bought it at an auction where the proceeds went to a good cause.
  2. The price was extremely reasonable.
  3. The table was beautiful!

There was just one tiny “flaw” with the table. As much as I loved it I knew I would not care for the finger prints it would be covered with after use. Glass tables equal fingerprints and smudges—— period! [Read more…]

Smells like Spring

Lemongrass Candle

As I type the words, “Smells like Spring” I instead hear these words in my head…”Tastes like chicken.” Wow.  Is it because spring seems completely intangible right now? Indeed, spring appears to be painfully far away and yet——-

Signs of spring have sprung.

  • Robins graced my sidewalk today.
  • A daisy wreath fills my door.
  • Snow is fighting to stay but withers nonetheless.

Since South Dakota temperatures won’t allow open windows, I think I’ll bring a little spring inside. I love candles and today’s DoAhead Dwelling will feature my favorite candle and favorite scent for sunny weather. [Read more…]