Bulletin Board MakeOver

Bulletin Board 1

The Darling daughter’s bedroom was due for a makeover. Not a total, pull-your-hair-out, start-from-scratch makeover but it definitely needed tweaking. When she turned fourteen the princess bed and purple walls were overdue for a change. Change we did. Wall color, furniture, and  bedding. It was a treat for Mom and daughter to see her room transition from little girl to young lady.

Flash forward four years and we found ourselves agreeing that the “young lady’s” room needed to become the “young woman’s” room. The corner of the room that dated her most was her bulletin board. Art, pictures, photos and trinkets from Junior High were special, but they also set a tone for the room. We agreed the bulletin board area is where she needed to start. We had looked at uber cool wall organizers from catalogs we both loved. However, neither one of us loved the price tag. So we came up with a plan.

The following is a no brain way to bulletin board makeover.

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Store Dekor DoAhead Style!

Christmas Tub

I’m pinching myself as I type this. Seriously, am I looking at a photo of Christmas decorations?! Before any of us is tempted to scream in panic, “Christmas is six weeks away?!” let’s all take a few Lamaze breaths and enjoy Thanksgiving first.

But like a true DoAhead,let’s be thinking about one SMALL thing we could do differently this season to help transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas decor!

This is  important to consider now because 2 weeks before Christmas the LAST thing any of us wants to think about is organizing our Christmas decorations! Besides, this is the time to be looking out for tubs, baskets and containers that are on sale. [Read more…]

The Aroma of Fall

Pumpkin Spice Candle

We are an odoriferous family. Oh wait…I guess that could mean we have body odor. Rewind please. We are a family that savors the scent of fall. (Better?) Nothing marks fall in our home more than the scent of a Pumpkin Spice candle. There are several scents we like (Mulled Cider and Cinnamon) but Pumpkin Spice is the bomb.

The favored candle brand around here is Root. (Remember…no kick backs on DoAhead. Just sharing  favorites.) The Root candles have Soy wax. They burn incredibly clean with very little smoke. Their line has a phenomenal number of colors and scents. (Click here for Root Candle website.)

There are other fun ways to bring the scent of fall into your home. A few might be as follows: [Read more…]

Clutter Free Simplicity {And a Give Away!}

Clutter Free Simplicity 2

Sweet DoAheads have I got a treat for you! Today’s Doahead Dwelling will feature a post by one of the sweetest souls on the planet. Angie is a gal that you immediately identify with as “the sister next door”. Her spark and humor combined with her insight and love for Jesus are a dynamite combination! Check out today’s post and leave a comment. Perhaps you’ll win the free copy of her book! Without further adieu…

Angie Ryg-Clutter Free Simplicity!

There was no place to hide. No quick warnings to my children to hush and pretend we weren’t home. No time to duck out of sight from the windows.

It was just after our third child was born and I was nursing in the family room when my neighbor called through the front door, “Hey, Angie, are you guys home?

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Double DDuuttyy

Double Duty

Last week marked the addition of DoAhead Dwelling. A terrific craft for making paper flowers was featured. (See last Friday’s post.) Today, we’re going to organize one of the nastiest of nasty’s in any kitchen…under the sink.


Not long ago this DoAhead Woman reached the breaking point with regards to the junk under her kitchen sink. Something snapped.I was looking for a potato brush. I waded through 2 bottles of window cleaner, 2 cans of oven cleaner, 2 bottles of dish soap and every other conceivable cleaning product we own. I finally decided something needed to be done!


In narry a moment I jumped atop the kitchen island, beat my chest and with the same fervor of Mel Gibson from Brave Heart bellowed the DoAhead War Cry, “DO IT NOW!” (Not really, but it makes for a good story.)

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DoAhead Dwelling

Paper Flowers

Exciting news! DoAhead is introducing a new category!  These posts will feature:

  • tips
  • thoughts
  • can do’s
  • and ought naught’s

that pertain to the place we call HOME.


Drum-roll please for DoAhead Dwelling!


We’ll kick off this category with something fun. My sweet niece was here for the 4th of July and she brought a project she was working on. It was an idea for decor’ that totally rocked. She (and other younger nieces) put together the adorable flowers featured in today’s photos.

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