Absent Without Leave


Absent Without Leave is a phrase coined to reflect a situation by which a soldier is absent from their post but without intent to desert. [Read more…]

Happy Memorial Day!


Yours truly is taking a little time to enjoy the fam today! Good stuff to follow later this week!

Contributor Dana Boyd has a powerful article coming on Wednesday! Be sure to stop back but remember you can visit DoAhead Woman’s Facebook page for daily doses of encouragement!

Happy Memorial Day!

Your (resting & remembering) DoAhead Friend,


March Madness {Book Bundle Give-Away!}

Book Give Away Slider

I’ve been poking through my “blog calendar” and I realized it’s been far too long since I’ve had a give-away! My dilema? I know four amazing authors who’ve had book releases at virtually the same time. Each of these books touches a part of my life. I think they’ll touch a part of yours too! [Read more…]


Egg Woman 1

I’ve been keeping a secret. But it’s time to tell.

No. I’m not a chicken (at least not the two-legged, feathery kind) but I am hatching something. My family will testify that I perfected the potty dance in my excitement over the news. But then something strange happened.

I sat on it.

I’m not sure why.

I could rattle off several reasons. All of them (in my mind) quite good. [Read more…]

Unsubscribe-Clearing out the Mental Clutter!

Email on phone 1

Do you BELIEVE it?! It’s a New Year! I love hearing peoples take on this pivotal season. The radio is peppered with motivating interviews and online posts brim with encouraging quotes.

Some folks talk about their Un-Dones——–trials, losses, hardships. Their stories strengthen me because they often close with “but God was faithful.”

Still others share their goals to Do-Over. These individual’s inspire me in their desire to take lessons learned and turn them into opportunities to grow personally or help others.

And then there are the more pragmatic goals for a New Year. Right now I’m following Kathy Lipp and her terrific take on what it means to De-Clutter. As a DoAhead Woman “ya’ll” know I love organization. “A place for everything and everything in its place” is a great DoAhead. But Kathy’s challenge has helped me——– [Read more…]