Vegetable Marinade

This recipe is perfect for summer cookouts but I’ve been known to bake and then broil them mid-winter.

Vegetable options are listed but you can add or mix according to you or your family’s taste.

The balsamic vinegar lends just the right amount of zip to make it a tasty side-dish to virtually any meal! [Read more…]

Marinated Vegetable Salad

Veggies 1I almost didn’t post this recipe because I shared a similar one earlier this summer.

HOWEVER, I promised that this months recipes would help make the most of the produce that bubbles from our gardens and/or groceries stores this time of year. The Marinated Vegetables recipe posted in June serves well cool or cooked. This recipe is meant to be chilled only and mercy me it is a GREAT way to serve up garden veggies! [Read more…]