Vegetable Marinade

This recipe is perfect for summer cookouts but I’ve been known to bake and then broil them mid-winter.

Vegetable options are listed but you can add or mix according to you or your family’s taste.

The balsamic vinegar lends just the right amount of zip to make it a tasty side-dish to virtually any meal! [Read more…]

Lemon, Wine & Butter Sauce

Confession. I don’t eat fish. Perhaps it’s a hazard of living in the Midwest as opposed to ocean-side. Friends and family will testify——–I rarely have fish on my plate.

Until now.

My daughter and I tweaked a recipe for lemon sauce and I have to say it was downright delicious!

Drizzle a bit of this over your fish of choice and rice. I promise you’ll like it! [Read more…]

Turkey Soup


Last weeks post was hopefully your coup de grace for a full-fledged DoAhead Thanksgiving. Today’s recipe is intended to help you think ahead with regards to your turkey leftovers!

Our tribe tends to have plenty of Tom Turkey left. We’re blessed to have “Shro” (our amazing BIL) turn it into a second round of delicious fixings in the form of soup! [Read more…]

Po-tay-toe, Po-tah-toe!

Potatoes and Asparagus

No matter how you say it, I love em!

Give me a potato and I’m a happy girl. When my friends come over for dinner and the meal lacks a potato dish they think I have fallen, bumped my head, and gone insane. That’s how much I like a potato!

So strap on some boots, let’s go digging for some sweet ways to serve up what may be America’s number one side dish…the potato! Here’s 30 ways for 30 days of taters! [Read more…]

Minestrone Soup

Minestrone Soup 1

There are two words on this planet that “have me with hello.”

Doc (nickname for my hubster) and Crock-Pot.

Most days in that order. [Read more…]

Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs 1

It was tradition in my home to have deviled eggs for Easter. For obvious reasons something about that doesn’t seem right! (Should we call them “Angel Eggs”?) 🙂

Regardless, these tasty treats were always a staple at my Mom’s Easter Dinner. We often made them the day before (A no-brainer for a DoAhead!) We usually served them at the buffet with the entree’  but they’re equally suited to serve along side a few light treats before the meal as you wait for guests to arrive. [Read more…]