Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

Our crew is making steps to incorporate a few more veggies and a few less carbs into our diet. Summer is the perfect time of year to do so! Our most recent trial run was a loose adaptation of an amazing recipe from [Read more…]

Party Cheese Ball


Who needs “real” food this time year?! I decided to kick up my heels and post all snacks for December! After all, this is the time of year to share “food love” with guests in our home. This particular recipe also travels easy for when we need something to take to a get-together. [Read more…]

Pumpkin Bars

Homemade Bars 3

Happy Labor Day!

I came close to posting a simple “Howdy doody I hope you’re having a great Labor Day!” but then I decided the day off might lend you an opportunity to bake. If that is the case than, girlfriend, you NEED this recipe.

Truth is I can hardly take it. Fall is SO close. My sons tell me I can’t light the pumpkin candle yet. They are still trying to eek out a few more summer activities. They’ve got seven days and than I’m lighting my candle regardless. [Read more…]

Appetizers Anyone?

baked cream cheese One

Dinner parties can be overwhelming but I do love to feed company!

Over the years I have learned one thing about dinner parties. No matter what time I set them to begin there will be those who come early and those who come late. This creates two dilemmas, 1) Appetizers and 2) Keeping food warm. Allow me to share some tips and a sure-fire recipe for the appetizer dilemma. [Read more…]