Sauteed Celery & Nuts

This recipe is so stinkin’ simple I’m almost embarrassed to share it. However, until a friend gave me the quick verbal run-down on this simple side-dish I had never thought to try it!

You’ll need a whopping four ingredients (plus salt and pepper) and about 15 minutes of time. [Read more…]

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

Our crew is making steps to incorporate a few more veggies and a few less carbs into our diet. Summer is the perfect time of year to do so! Our most recent trial run was a loose adaptation of an amazing recipe from [Read more…]

Best. Roast. Ever.

There are some recipes that you hesitate to write out. You ask yourself,

Is this really a recipe?

When I can’t decide, I evaluate whether or not my college-age daughter could “whip up” said dish. If there are more than three tips and I think it would help her to have it written down I determine it’s worthy of a recipe. Without further adieu’ here are multi-generational tips for a darn good roast! [Read more…]

Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Quick! We may be running out of time! Soup season is coming to a close. We’re OK with that in some respects. The frozen lake is taunting the boys. They’d rather swim IN it than fish ON it!

That being said, I love the fact that soup is still a meal-time option. This concoction is a combination of several recipes that I tailored to our families taste buds. Honestly, it turned out amazing!  [Read more…]

Homemade Chicken Stock

Chicken Broth 1

Another January recipe for light eating…homemade broth!

The plus? It’s also the bomb for when (hopefully “if”) you or your loved ones make a date with a virus during the cold and flu season.  [Read more…]

Turkey Soup


Last weeks post was hopefully your coup de grace for a full-fledged DoAhead Thanksgiving. Today’s recipe is intended to help you think ahead with regards to your turkey leftovers!

Our tribe tends to have plenty of Tom Turkey left. We’re blessed to have “Shro” (our amazing BIL) turn it into a second round of delicious fixings in the form of soup! [Read more…]