Creamy Hash Browns Supreme

Tis’ the season for baking in big batches! I don’t know about “ya’ll” but end-of-year functions have me cooking in large quantities!

So…in the event the next few months find you in the middle of a graduation, a wedding reception, a family reunion, or a fourth-of-July gathering I thought I’d share a few “big batch” recipes.  [Read more…]

Homemade Beef Stock

Beef Broth 1

Today’s DoAhead Dining features another simple but tasty broth recipe (shout out again to my sister-in-law!)

Broth is so versatile. It’s awesome to have on hand for when you need something super light (but warm) to accompany a salad or sammie. It’s also  great for quick starts to a heartier meal.  Keep the meat, add it and a few veggies or noodles and Wahlah! You have a stand alone meal! [Read more…]

Freezer Tomato Salsa


Bright red tomatoes have been peeking out from under their leafy homes and begging to be made into salsa. At least so say I! Today’s recipe is my Mom’s version of a mild salsa mix that lends itself well to freezing. [Read more…]