28 Planned Meals to Add Fun (and time) to your Summer!

Summer is its own brand of crazy! It doesn't matter whether it's time spent traveling, time at softball, or time at the beach. It's all fun! Of course, all that time out and about can boomerang and we end up with little time in the … [Continue reading]

Lemon, Wine & Butter Sauce

Confession. I don’t eat fish. Perhaps it’s a hazard of living in the Midwest as opposed to ocean-side. Friends and family will testify--------I rarely have fish on my plate. Until now. My daughter and I tweaked a recipe for lemon sauce and I … [Continue reading]


I’m nearing the end of a very good book. Pages are being devoured as I approach the final chapter. I consider myself a fast reader but these particular pages have taken on a life of their own. Whether I want to or not I’m approaching… The. … [Continue reading]

Sauteed Celery & Nuts

This recipe is so stinkin' simple I'm almost embarrassed to share it. However, until a friend gave me the quick verbal run-down on this simple side-dish I had never thought to try it! You'll need a whopping four ingredients (plus salt and pepper) … [Continue reading]

Framing our Pain

Sometimes the hurt and the hard in this life just feel like too much. Am I right? Sometimes we reach a point where emotional turmoil has continued for so long and runs so deep, it bleeds into a physical aching. We wear it on our faces. We carry it … [Continue reading]

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

Our crew is making steps to incorporate a few more veggies and a few less carbs into our diet. Summer is the perfect time of year to do so! Our most recent trial run was a loose adaptation of an amazing recipe from happy-mothering.com. … [Continue reading]