Parmesan Chicken

Today's post is another "big-batch" recipe. This coating for chicken freezes well and can be stored for up to three months. Our family is transitioning into having more cooks around the house (high school and college-age kiddos make marvelous … [Continue reading]

Creamy Hash Browns Supreme

Tis' the season for baking in big batches! I don't know about "ya'll" but end-of-year functions have me cooking in large quantities! the event the next few months find you in the middle of a graduation, a wedding reception, a family … [Continue reading]

When Mercy Finds Us

Have you ever felt stuck in something? A relationship? A habit? A job? A dream? A good ol’ fashioned rut of some sort? … [Continue reading]

When God Shows Up

Heavy eyes. Heavy heart. It was the morning after a fitful night. An infection was waging war inside my body. But the physical struggle was outmatched by the wrestling between my mind and my heart. I couldn’t stop the physical pain, and I … [Continue reading]

When Dealing With It Makes It Worse

Spring has finally arrived! To me, that's pretty doggone exciting. Spring and fall are my absolute favorite times of year. Somehow the transition from the cold dark of winter to the warm, bright green of spring makes me a lot happier. I get too … [Continue reading]

Embracing Our Sister’s Needs

Today's post is a link up to my dear friends Jodie and Donna over at Faithfully Following Ministries. They are midway through their delightful online study. I've been sharing posts on the study over on Facebook and Instagram. If you missed them … [Continue reading]