It’s All About that Bread

Post titles are pinging around my brain and all I can hear is Nicki Minaj singing Its All About That Bass. The difference is I'm thinking Its All About That Bread (and chocolate--------but since this isn't a post about chocolate I'll shush on that … [Continue reading]

Worth the Trip

It’s early Saturday morning and there’s a fog clinging to the lake. Much needed moisture is suspended in the air. I pray every thirsty thing is able to drink it up. As I ponder the state of dry ground I catch myself asking “Is my soul dry as … [Continue reading]

Grandma’s CookBook!

If you're a subscriber this will be old news but we're so stinkin' excited about our next quarterly cookbook we HAD to share! … [Continue reading]

An Open Letter to my Teens…Your Choices Matter

Love, love, love Dana's words to her kids. She never fails to bless me in her wisdom and discernment as she navigates a very important DoAhead...godly parenting! ********************************* Dear Kiddos, It isn’t always easy, is it…to make … [Continue reading]

10 Slam-Dunk Recipes for Easter Dinner

We are 14 days from Easter dinner. Holy ham! I have a lot to do! How about you? In case your life is as cray, cray here are some recipe links that are Easter staples around here. … [Continue reading]

Naturally Pretty Nails

Let me start this post with one big ol' disclaimer. The featured photo is not a pic of my nails. A.) Mine are not that nice. B.) I do not have a resident photographer---it would be impossible for me to capture this shot. However, I do have a … [Continue reading]