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Many of the recipes are from DoAhead Dining posts but don’t skim over them…you’ll find a few additional fav’s from our clan!



 Steph’s BBQ Pork

s Sweet Baby Pork

Seven Hours of Freedom Await When You Click on This Link!


 Caesar Salad Dressing

Chicken Caesar Salad

 Click Here if you want to Hail to Caesar!

Summertime Slush


Slide Over This Link For Sippin’ Slush!

Iced Coffee

Steaming Cup of Coffee

 Point & Click Here for Percolated Pleasure!

Chicken Bacon Hot Dish

Bacon Ingredients

Click Here for Savory Chicken/Bacon Hot Dish Recipe!

 Banana Bread


Booyah! Click Here for Banana Bread Recipe!

Strawberry Smoothie



Yum! Click Here for Strawberry Smoothie Recipe!

Pie Crust


Click Here for Practically Perfect Pie Crust Recipe!

Sweet Muffins


 Oh Sweet! Click Here for Sweet Muffins Recipe!

Black Bean Salsa

Black Bean Salsa-dreamstime

 Wowsa! Click Here for Black Bean Salsa Recipe!

Cheezy Hashbrowns

Tators & Brisket! Click Here for the Cheezy Potatoes Recipe!

 Tators-n-Brisket! Click Here for Cheezy Potatoes Recipe!

Shro’s Summer Sauce

BBQ Sauce-dreamstime

Mmm-mm. Click Here for Shro’s Summer Sauce Recipe!