Janet’s Baked Beans

Baked Beans 1

The grill is fired! The burgers are “charring”. The ripened melon is ready to be cut but something is missing. For us it’s baked beans! These bad boys take just minutes to mix. We pop them in the oven, set the timer and Bam! Beans dripping in molasses, bacon and a dot of sugar cap off the perfect summer plate! [Read more…]

Po-tay-toe, Po-tah-toe!

Potatoes and Asparagus

No matter how you say it, I love em!

Give me a potato and I’m a happy girl. When my friends come over for dinner and the meal lacks a potato dish they think I have fallen, bumped my head, and gone insane. That’s how much I like a potato!

So strap on some boots, let’s go digging for some sweet ways to serve up what may be America’s number one side dish…the potato! Here’s 30 ways for 30 days of taters! [Read more…]

Marinated Veggies

Fresh Veggies

Confession. I had to search the website because I was in disbelief that I hadn’t already posted this amazing take on well-seasoned fresh veggies!

One of the niftiest aspects of this recipe is that the marinade is equally good if the veggies or raw or lightly cooked. Bottom line. If your day was one of those that was full of more behinds than DoAheads skip heating them. Simply marinade, let set and serve! [Read more…]