The Truth About Truth

Truth 1

Today’s post is a glimpse into Dana’s bold obedience and brave words as she shares from her heart. Read it and blessed…I know I was!


Can I be honest? Writing this has been hard. I can’t say I really wanted to write it. But I somehow needed to. You see, I write what is laid on my heart. That’s what I believe I’m called to do. And this topic wouldn’t go away. So I put my fingers to the keyboard.

I felt opposition as I wrote. I felt insecure about how it was coming together. I felt like it was too obvious…and too vague at the same time. I felt as I completed it that, even with all these words, I actually communicated nothing. I’m not even sure it is coherent. Pressing publish on this post is a step of obedience for me. [Read more…]