Homemade Chicken Stock

Chicken Broth 1

Another January recipe for light eating…homemade broth!

The plus? It’s also the bomb for when (hopefully “if”) you or your loved ones make a date with a virus during the cold and flu season.  [Read more…]

Over-Eat Easter Dinner? How about Raspberry Recovery?

Raspberries 1

I tend to kick-up my figurative dietary heels when it comes to holiday meals. I wholeheartedly embrace the gift of “feasting”when family gathers.


The next day may find me paying a not-so-snappy, heel-happy price. My own gig is that if I’m not careful——– headaches will come my way.

Every one of us has our weak link. For some it’s the added pound or two that doesn’t bring added health. For others it’s digestive issues that balk when pie passes from plate to palate. The list of prices paid when we don’t eat well or over-eat could go on ad nauseam. [Read more…]