Travel Tips

Hey DoAheads! So glad your scoping out the travel tips! So many tips…so little time!


As I pondered which kinds of travel tips to share I decided to go for the camping gig first.  As I post this, summer is on the horizon (where I live that means our limbs and inner organs are just beginning to thaw).


It also means we are ready to M-O-V-E!


No more being cooped up during a long winter. It’s time to hike, bike and explore.


Below you’ll find a link for the “Camping Checklist” our tribe has used for years. Some of it won’t apply  (your kiddos are different ages or you never eat Famous Amos cookies)! Take what works from the list  for your crew.


Camping Checklist







Booyah! Click Here for Rundown of Camping Needs!