I LOVE a 2-fer. You know, a 2 for 1. Well, a friend of mine gave me an idea for a 2-fer.

This precious gal was bemoaning the fact that her cuticles were awful. She said, “I just don’t have time!”

I thought about my dear friend. If anyone deserved lovely cuticles it was her.

Then I thought of a tip. “You have to bathe or shower, right?” My hygienic friend replied, ‘Of course!”

“Why not keep a cuticle tool right by the tub or shower?” I asked. “Your hands will have soaked…it’s the best time to do it!”

To this day I don’t know if my friend took my advice.  But this DoAhead Diva took her own advice.

I keep my wooden tool (a metal one may rust) on the rim of our shower. While the conditioner soaks in my hair I grab my tool and Bam!  A 2-fer is born.

Hair is conditioning while cuticles are being cute…ified!

This is a tiny tip friends. But a little self-care can go a long way.


 I took the above picture so I could show off my fingies.  Indeed, I was a DoAhead Diva just this morning.

I used my guidebook as a back drop. You won’t believe where my finger landed!

 “…any way you look at it, you see beauty refracted.” Proverbs 17:8 The Message

 Love it!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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