Mani on the Move!


Don’t you just love a manicure?


Nothing makes a gal feel more pampered than having her hard working hands tended to.


However, many times a trip to the salon is simply NOT an option. Time to usher in (drum-roll please) the Manicure on the Move!


I caught this tip from my amazing mother-in-law, Carmela.  As the mother of six, keeper of the home and consummate companion to her husband she was a true DoAhead Woman.


I’m here to testify I saw her polish fingies at the kitchen counter more than once!


Here’s how it works. Keep nail polish in a few key locations.  

I have a bottle in my kitchen drawer.



Another in my office desk.


Yet another in the console of my car.


In any given circumstance the key is to think ahead so you can touch up your nails and let them dry while you do something else.


If it’s in my office…Bam! I’ll put on a coat when I know the only “heavy work” will be fingers flying over a keyboard.


If it’s the kitchen… Bam!  I’ll touch up polish when I know I could use 15 minutes to peruse recipes for meal planning.


If I have a lengthy drive ahead of me…Bam! I get situated in the vehicle (that includes buckling up!) and then whip out my polish before hitting the road.


Mani On The Move…friend of the DoAhead Diva!


Your DoAhead friend,

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