Meal Planning Pointers


 Of all the DoAhead Dining tips the one that keeps this chick from the crazies is meal planning!


Is it totally sweet to have a meal fully prepared in the freezer? Yes!


Do I love “shopping” from my very own pantry whenever I need groceries? You bet!


But it’s knowing what’s for supper that has kept our household from experiencing major melt-downs more than once!


Today’s Doahead Dining captures five VERY simple tips when it comes to meal-planning.


Tip #1

Start one week at a time. You can work your way into 2 and even 4 week planning.



Tip #2

Start with with just the evening meal.


Mapping out what’s for breakfast and/or lunch is also helpful but the major stress reducer for most families is getting a handle on the evening meal.


Tip # 3

Allow for a trip to the grocery store that will cover a week of food needs.


Tip #4

Whether it’s a ½ day of extra cooking or a tripled recipe one evening, take steps to make sure it happens by laying out ingredients and/or thawing out necessary food items the day before. 



Tip #5

Make it a family affair! All but very small children are able to help in some way. They can chop veggies, fry meat, mix quick dough or help with the dishes!


Advance meal planning…the end all of all DoAhead Dining tips!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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