Only the Lonely..Never!

Today’s DoAhead Dining tip is one of the easiest DoAheads EVER!


It’s simple, never let your food be lonely. Whenever possible… cook your meals in double (or when it works, triple batches.)


For example, fill your  largest “oven worthy pan” of Roast Beef and let that baby stew. (I’m generous with granulated garlic and Celtic Sea Salt when roasting meat…makes it yummy!) Several hours later trim off the fat and shred the meat.


A portion of the meat can be parceled off into baggies and frozen. (See photo above. By the by…I don’t usually thaw roast beef with a rose on top. You’re shocked I know. I just couldn’t bare the thought of all you girlfriends lookin’ at plain ol’ roast beef!)


The smaller baggies of meat can be used for a variety of dishes…we love to save it for Stroganoff!


 Yet another portion of the meat can be set aside in a “from the freezer to the oven to the table” container. That beef will make amazing French Dip Sammies. All it takes is fresh bread and a little easy to mix Au Jus.


The final third of the roast can be whipped into shape with a little Famous Dave’s BBQ sauce and served with Cheezy Potatoes.  

 Note the Cheezy Potatoes. These bad boys are awesome. The Cheezy Potatoes Recipe will be forth coming, but not until the 4th of July. They are a holiday staple at 1 North Harmon!


So be kind DoAhead friends; kind to yourself and to the roast named Chuck.


Never let him simmer alone!


Your DoAhead Friend, 


  1. I can understand stringing someone along by telling them a cheesy potato recipe is coming in a week or two, but July 4th!! You are keeping your faithful readers in suspense for 4 months! I will forgive you this time, but please do not make a habit of this 🙂

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