Quiet Time Basket


My heart longs to focus on God. But isn’t it funny how little things can distract?


My quiet time basket has alleviated much of that.


This weeks DoAhead Devo has more to do with perspiration than inspiration.


You’re saying, ‘Seriously, there’s even perspiration in inspiration?”


Yes and no.


Long ago I learned a valuable tip in maximizing my inspirational moments with God. Like most things in life my “mistakes” served as teacher.


I would sit down to read and reflect,only to find I was missing something. One moment it might be a pen.



Next…the wrong bible.



Ooops. Where did I put that book?



You get the drift.


Quite time was constantly interrupted.


And so, the “Quiet Time Basket” evolved.  The basket  has changed over the years. It’s gone from wicker to metal.


Details of it’s contents have also changed. Last year it was the Chronological Bible. This year it’s back to my NIV, a John Piper book and my journal.



Keeping my basket poised and on hand prevents me from constantly getting up (perspiration) and interrupting my time with Him (inspiration)!


Is there a small step you could take to maximize a quiet time in your day?


Set a book on your nightstand in advance so it’s there when you plop in bed?


How about the perfect Devo right by the porcelain throne?


Whatever it takes sister…whatever it takes.


“A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul…” Proverbs 13:19 NIV


Your DoAhead Friend,

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