This is a picture of our “toe box”. Doc dubbed it that and somehow it stuck.


The “toe box” has grown out of control in recent days. (Who am I kidding…I’m guessing its been months.)


You know how it works. One clipper goes bad. Get another. But keep the bad one just in case.


Emery board shot? Buy a pack of 6, but heaven help us if we throw out the expired ones.


Anyway, like a true DoAhead Woman I knew I was wasting precious time and energy dumping out the “toe box” every time I needed a file.


So, I’m running errands at the local discount store and Bam! Plastic bins are on sale. Ninety-nine cents a piece. I had the DoAhead gleam in my eye.


I nabbed those babies up. I know exactly where they are going.



The rest is history. Doc has a box all to himself. I have three. I’m not sure what that means I just know that’s how it shook out.



Do you have an out of control “toe box”?  Be a DoAhead Diva!


The next time you’re in the bathroom… ask yourself if there is one thing you could change that would save you minutes later.


Make up disorganized?  Half your hair products expired or never used?


Pick one small area and commit to making it better this week. 10 minutes of perspiration this week could give you back 10 minutes of inspiration every week for the year to come!!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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