Todays DoAhead Diva is taking a turn down a cul-de-sac.


Next week we’ll be back on the path of practical but today this Diva is going to deviate!


If you’ve been following DoAhead Devo you know we’ve been getting a little deep.


Monday we wrapped it up with a scene from King Kong.


As I thought about a helpful post for today I couldn’t escape the feeling that a follow up to our Devo was in order.


Being a Diva is about self-care, self-preservation and self-respect. All good things. But I can’t help myself.  Nothing has ever made me feel more beautiful than realizing how my heavenly father sees me.


dreamstime_s_28173398 (1)


So on that note dear DoAhead Friends I hope you’ll listen to the link below.


 I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Next week we’ll get back to practical but today…today is about sheer inspiration.


 And guess what?  That’s part of being a Diva too!


 “Beautiful” by Mercy Me


Your DoAhead Friend, 

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