Taylor Made

Birthday Cake-dreamstime

17 years ago God made Taylor.  Our sweet potato pie of a girl was born. But when God made Taylor he made so much more.


He not only gave us the gift of a beautiful girl with a loving heart and fiery soul. He gave us the gift of perspective.


Doc and I thought we could have it all. Then we met a wall that all the ingenuity and hard work couldn’t climb…infertility. One word best sums up that experience. H-U-M-B-L-I-N-G.


It’s funny but when medical technology intervenes and fails,you realize an important truth…God is Sovereign.


It sounds obvious. God is in control. But infertility has a funny way of slapping you in the face with the fact that only God can author life.


Seven years of wrestling with this truth gave me another perspective. God is Sufficient.


I remember the day well.  The Christmas tree was perfect (Martha Stewart couldn’t have done better).


It was also barren. Like me.  It was devoid of gifts for children. It had no hand made decorations. Like me it lacked life.


As I knelt before the tree and wept, I knew my infertility was for a reason. Children could have easily become my God. He loved me too much to let that happen.


I grew in the knowledge that HE was Sufficient.


I also learned that God is a God of Surprises.  April 18th, 1996 is a testimony to that.  Sweet Potato Pie was born. Six months after we brought our beautiful, adopted baby boy home.


Today is a thank you for our THREE precious kids who were tailor made!  It is also a day to say thank you to a God that is Sovereign, Sufficient and full of Surprises!


Has God surprised you before?


If so, pause and give thanks.


Or are you in a season of desperately needing Him to show himself to you?



If so, may we pray with the boldness of David.


“Don’t dump me, God; my God, don’t stand me up. Hurry and help me…”  Psalm 38:1-22 MSG

“I wait for you, O Lord; you will answer, O Lord my God.” Psalm 38:15 NIV


Your DoAhead Friend,

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