Who Am I-Part I


Who Am I? Deep question for a Monday! Oh, how I hope you’ll grab another cup of coffee and stick with me!


Living life as a DoAhead woman is a means to an end… a vehicle for becoming who God made us to be.


So that takes us back to the initial question…who are we?


The answer is simple, but we have an enemy that would like us to frame the answer with lies.


Over the next three Mondays DoAhead Devo is gonna kick those lies in the booty!


Lie #1


It is a lie to frame our answer to the question, “Who Am I?” according to how we see OURSELVES.


My friend Martha (from Luke 10:38-42) and I have a reputation for doing just that.


Martha and I were both the oldest. It was our job (or so we thought) to take care of everybody; make sure the house was in order and all the peeps taken care of.


Can’t you see the perspiration dripping all over Martha and Cindy?


Little sis (aka Mary) had a much better handle on this thing called inspiration.


Jesus said Mary made the better choice…she knew who she was and she did not frame it based on any expectation she had of herself.  She only wanted to sit at her master’s feet.


I doubt Jesus saw Martha the way Martha saw Martha (got that?) Martha thought she needed to make supper for Jesus. I don’t think Jesus needed anybody to make him supper!


Over the next seven days let’s take a moment and reflect on whether the week has found us answering the question,


“Who Am I?” based on how we see ourselves.


“Now Jesus loved Martha…”  John 11:5 NIV


Your DoAhead Friend,

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