Six Pack


Swimsuit season is coming!


That’s OK ‘cuz around these parts we’ve had snow for FAR too long! Having said that, there is one minor drawback.


The heavy sweaters and layered clothing that hid muffin tops (and on occasion pound cakes) will not be available poolside.


What’s a DoAhead Diva to do?


Today’s post has a link for one of the best Ab workouts ever!


It’s simple…it’s short…it works.


Doc and I implemented it faithfully a few years ago. Although we didn’t end up with 6 packs we were more than comfortable retiring the sweaters in July!


It will only take 10 minutes a day. Do it every other day and you’ll be thrilled with the results.


Check it out sweet DoAheads! And remember our war-cry…”Do It Now!

Ab Ripper

Tony Horton ‘Ab Ripper


Your DoAhead Friend,

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