Driver’s Ed

Rules of the Road

Driver’s Ed. Summer finds many a school offering this rite of passage.


Naturally, this directly translates into a dramatic rise in manicure appointments all across the country. DoAhead Women  everywhere find themselves biting their nails as they experiences the fear and trepidation that accompanies having a teen driver.


Our own kiddos brought great entertainment to the supper table as they relayed happenings from their daily adventures.Even though their anecdotes brought a smile to my lips it’s a comment my daughter made that really stuck.


I asked her how she felt about the driving portion of the class. She indicated that despite her fears she knew it would be OK. She shared, “You know Mom…the teacher has brakes on his side too.” She continued,


“He’s the one that’s really in control.”


Confession fellow DoAheads. Sometimes this sister wants to be the one in control.Of course along with that comes the stress of wondering…


“Should I turn left or right at this intersection?”

“Am I supposed to stop?”

“What’s the speed limit?”

“Do I proceed with caution?”

“Do I have the right of way?”

“Am I supposed to yield?”

“Should I give it more gas?”


The list could go on and on. I need to remember that THE Teacher is right next to me. He’s ready to apply the brakes lest I make a fatal error. He’s patient with my wrong or missed turns. He reminds me when I’m going too fast but once in awhile he’ll tell me to “Punch it!”


I’m grateful  He chose to put us behind the steering wheel and yet, for as much as he allows us to drive, I’m even more grateful that He is ultimately in control!


“I’m still in your presence, but you’ve taken my hand, You wisely and tenderly lead me, and then you bless me.” Psalm 73:24 MSG


Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. What a wonderful reminder that He is in control. The fact that He lets us join Him in His amazing work is a blessing indeed! And I can’t even imagine my little ones driving! I have about three more years to be on my knees before that happens! 🙂
    Great post! Love your site!


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